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**Voting is now opened** 2009 Modding Contest

Guest yAu

Should the CM Modding Contest 09 submission deadline be extended from 09/20/09 to 09/30/09?  

45 members have voted

  1. 1. Should the CM Modding Contest 09 submission deadline be extended from 09/20/09 to 09/30/09?

    • Yes
    • No

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I don't really know if am doing the right thing but I have a good karma about life...!!!

but is like this if some else see a vote on you project they will want to know why somebody vote for you that is why I encourage all fellow modders to cast a vote to their own project... right now I don't really need to cast a vote on my project because is posted in almost 25 Modding Forum across the globe and I enter the competition looking for friendship like yours and other nice modders that I meet over here... prize is the last thing in my mind... there is not prize on earth bigger as when somebody comment on your log and like and understand the hard work put into it... I respect everybody so I can be respected aswell...

Modding is an universal language now but only those with a pure heart will understand!!!

Masbuskado... from New Mod City

You surprised me Masbuskado, well spoken and unexpected on my part to hear you say this, as bro nicky said. I guess we are wrapped up in mods literally. Kudos for deep thought, passion, friendship, learning and the search for the "right thing". You have my respects and admiration!

BTW, the rules state that one cannot vote for oneself, I just had not seen them. You and I can relax a little too as too many votes (abnormal amounts) will get a contestant and his mod disqualified! That was unexpected, I bet, and a slap in the face of "farming" and those that would discredit a prestigious contest by using it.

And sunny, before anything, the rules also state that the voting is secret. I know you can't contain yourself and are about to burst! Kidding, I know that some would want to know right away but we have to hold our horses, heheh. In a few more days we shall know. Now THAT is a cliff-hanger.

Saludos buds

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i don't participate here very much, but i lurk alot, and i just casted my votes

next time i will join too, wether i win or not it's ok for me cause the most important thing for me is to be able to show my work, and this contest is just a bonus to my passion

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Hi All,

Cooler Master has received all of your concerns, and our team is currently conducting reviews and assessments on whether there have been cheating activities for any mod entry. Appropriate actions will be taken as necessary.

Regarding the voting counts, the current numbers are only a small portion of votes that we expected to see by the end of the voting period. For the next 14 days, we will see a lot more votes being casted.

Therefore, please try to refrain from taking any excessive actions such as pulling out of the contest or making personal attacks against any modder. And thus, further inappropriate comments will be edited.

If you have any further concern, you can contact Cooler Master staff directly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Yo guys, that's a pleasure to see so great rigs competing this year. Congrats all!

In case of complaining please post PM to yAu. I'm sure the CM team will provide all help you need and will ensure a fair competition. Remember this is a friendly contest.

Good Luck all! Really outstanding rigs! :wink:


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Hi All,

If you have any concerns or info, please provide them directly to CM staff.

We are and will address all concerns as necessary.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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