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Project: Mission - 2009 Mod Contest Entry - Completed

Jeffrey Stephenson

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Considering my 40 days journey to the unknown (because I don't know what's ahead!!!), you've have been one of the inspiring person I've met here at the modding contest. You are a friend to me Bro - so in the future anytime, anywhere I can't forget a name like yours!!! We'll be keeping in touch right!!! We have more contest ahead at least we've tried and tasted it!

More Power Great friend of the modding world!

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Hoping not to get you all riled up, but do you think this is enough?

Cheating activities, including but not limited to the following, are strictly prohibited. Violator is subjected to automatic disqualification.

1. If you planned to promote your mod, absolutely no benefits can be involved for either you or any voter.

2. Excessive promotion for others to vote for your mod entry (i.e. posting links and asking others to vote for your mod entry on a large number of forums or websites). Cooler Master reserves the rights on deciding whether your promotional activities are excessive or not.

3. Any kind of activities that purposely sabotages other mod entries.

4. Create or have someone create voting bots to vote for any mod entry.

5. Create or have someone create multiple accounts to vote for any mod entry.

Does this mean that if someone gets 4,000 votes, his mod can be disqualified?

Let me know.

Cheers and Saludos

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