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Project: Mission - 2009 Mod Contest Entry - Completed

Jeffrey Stephenson

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The project's critical path runs through the face right now. I have to make some command decisions in order to move forward. I did some more mocking up and photo taking and tried out one new idea.


The bottom spokes have some "legs" that might appear too long. A long dead optical drive gets pressed into service.


A logo or nameplate will "shorten" the legs and might alter the appearance of the entire bottom section.


Some paper being used to simulate the decorative panel.


My final solution being mocked up.


The only detail I can't emulate in this mock-up is the moving of the upper bracket...see below.


I was also able to analyze the project's optical illusions and plan for them. The computer will sit directly on the floor and will always be seen at a downward bias.


An idea to bring the two chrome pieces inwards to bracket the DVD drive was brought up. I thought it sounded good enough to mock up the entire set-up.


It has its merits. The construction would be simpler. In the end I didn't like the look of the DVD bezel. Next time maybe.


To correct for the downward bias optical illusion I cut out a 5/16" chunk out of the bottom of the upper bracket. Next I added two similar 5/16" blocks to the bottom to help create the pocket for the chrome piece.



For the bottom bracket I simply added a 5/16" block of wood to create the pocket.



Both brackets got 5/16" added to them but the upper bracket is skewed for the illusion.


Next I cut some veneer to cover the four spoke areas.


I'm going to apply a partial finish to these pieces because it will be very difficult to work with them once they are installed. I'll hit them with some sand paper and some lacquer sanding sealer. Maybe a single coat of lacquer.

That's the last we'll see of those spokes. I have some slightly larger chrome spokes waiting to be cut.

Thanks for looking!

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Busted my gut with the "This Space Available" logo!!! Anyone? Highest bidder accepted, heh-heh.

Keep up the great work!


LOL You mean someone is actually reading this stuff?



The most complex leg veneer piece is for the inside front leg. Here is one of the two cut out and ready to glue into place.


Top vent veneer work.




Installed the spokes permanently by gluing up the four spoke holders. Notice that the two veneer spoke transition pieces are loosely installed.


Here is one of the holders. It is simply a block of wood with five round slots filed into them at intervals.


The spokes were all cut and fitted.



Back to the vent to do some bevel work using my Easy Cutter.


More glue drying.


24 pieces of basswood and walnut.


Finally getting some walnut on the face.


Test fitting some chrome and the top vent.

Thanks for looking!

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Likewise, what is an easy cutter?

And of course folks are reading/following your worklog! Me and and another 1318, as of today, more than any other contestant! I assure you I only check on your log whenever you update it, every 2-3 days. If the contest were based on views per worklog, you'd take 1st place!

Me? Well, I'm happy with mine since this is my first worklog published on the net and my first contest I've ever entered. Following your example, my mod will be totally different although I might or not use the materials I'm using. From what I see, my next mod should include a fair amount of woodwork on it! I just have to do it atleast as well as you. :wink: (heh-heh)

Kudos & Cheers/Saludos

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Tacked down some 60 grit sandpaper to the table top board and drew squiggly tell-tale pencil lines all over both ends of each leg.


Set the project onto the sandpaper and pulled/pushed it back and forth across the surface. I knew there was contact at all four points before doing this because it didn't rock. I wanted to know the quality of the contact patch.


After a while I analyzed the tell-tale marks to see where I was. All four legs needed some sort of adjustment. Note: This process was applied to both ends of the leg in an attempt to get a perfect contact patch with the floor and table top.



I continued to manipulate the leg ends across the sandpaper until all four legs came up clean.



Result of efforts. The six stanchions were cut short on purpose because they are not load bearing and I wanted to avoid the nightmare of trying to align these as well. Instead, the stanchions will be supporting the soon-to-be-installed upper rails.



That let me continue to the next process which was to mock up the upper railings. The rails themselves are made of maple instead of basswood. All of this is friction fit (try that "cut once" people) while I cut some glue blocks.


It's always a good time for a test fit.


I asked the mother-in-law for some cloth. "Something contrasty" I said. Wow! Well it's better than the ugly brown board I have been using.

Thanks for looking!

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On my part, thanks for the info of the "easy cutter"! No to see if I can get the darn thing here in Mexico, if not, on my next trip to the States. It looks very useful.

I find it very useful for my style of work. It makes perfect mitered corners. I use mine so much I just replaced the blade. This photo is from an earlier post on page 2...

The built-in bottle opener is the best part. 8)


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