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Viniciu's Dual Case - beginning ;D- 2009 Mod Contest En


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Hello everybody, this is my case that is divided into two parts the lower part of the hardisks and the source and the top with boxes of cd and dvd and motherboard, all the stalls and the low will be in Acrylic







Cabo EL Sata Cooler Master


Dissipador Chipset Cooler Master PAC-P01 Alumínio


CoolerMaster Cooler Silent Fan Preto 120mm R4-S2S-161K-GP 2x


CoolerMaster Cooler Silent Fan Blue LED 120mm


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Hey.. "inicio do case"? it's a not brazilian forum auiheiuheaihaeiheaiaehae writes in english to the staff here understand.. Good Luck, the ideas are great, and now caprixe the mod. ;D

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As I mentioned to MpoVh, you should change your image hosting because it really messes up your worklog. Otherwise, looking good & best of luck!

Indeed, with imageshack etc having a few problems right now te better choice IMHO of picture hosting that is Free & virtually unlimited is Photobucket.

I have used them for approx 5 years without a single problem & can highly reccomend their free services.

As with any of these hosting sites they do offer an upgrade for a small monthly fee but I have never found the need.

Photobucket FTW :wink:

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