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Project Coolermaster HAF 932


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Hello all! i just want to share my Coolermaster HAF 932 Case.

-the HAF 932 case arrives at my workshop.


- a quick view of the top panel fan


-the case was quickly disassembled and sent to the powdercoating shop.



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while waiting for the chassis to be powdercoated, I decided to do some interior detailing.

-the 5.25 bay locks.


-also got some custom case feets for the case.


-silver looks a bit boring so decided to give it a little kick :o


also got some Artic Cooling RC memory coolers,



-and decided to paint it red, to match the color scheme :D


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The side panel mod.

the HAF's side panel design is a bit tricky to do. the embossed metal on the mesh part, combined with the thick secc steel used on the panel makes it a pain in the arse to cut.



- decided to leave the corners of the honey comb mesh, they will be used as mounting holes for the screws when attaching the acrylic side panel. this was the trickiest part :D




-cleaning up the edges using my trusty file.


-the finished panel. whew :o


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i painted the coolermaster logo with red candytone paint to match the overall case theme.


i also did the same, with the custom screws that will be used for the side panel acrylic.



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got myself some clean cut sleeves and decided to do the 24pin and 6pin PCIE extentions.



i also sleeved the fans that will be used on the swiftech MCR 320.



sleeved power reset and led indicators.


some more parts just arrived.



mcp pump 355 with an EK D5 X-top :D



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Love the use of the super brights.

I managed to buy a strip of 48 superbright UV (black light) LEDs for use in my 830...

Amost everything in a 4 foot radius is affected by them even tho' the case is closed... when the one side is open OMG it is like being in a european nightclub lol.

Are you going to be adding switches or a controller for your custom LED arrays?

I am looking into a possibility to 'Dim' the other LEDs in my personal case & hook the dimmer to a photo sensor, I'd like to attain between 1/3rd & 1/2 brightness at night.

Have you looked into that sort of thing?

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european nightclub lol.


anyway. about the leds i'm only placing around 3-4 sets of modules on this project. just enought to illuminate, certain parts of the case. i'm not sure if i'll be needing a dimmer for that. :D

but i've tried using an old fan controller to dim the leds. it's a quick fix if you do not have the spare time and parts to make a dimmer.


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Coming together beautifully...

Can I ask if your acrylic was cut local or did you have to send out quite a distance?

(Also what was the turn around on sending out, getting them back?)

They certainly did a great job with the acrylic & wouldn't mind somewhere capable of doing that in these parts.

(I'm at a beach resort area, not known for it's mix of powdercoaters & laser cutting companies :-( )

Keep the pics coming...

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