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Project Elite 360 Double Barrel New pictures 8/9


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Are you planning on using the top hole for a fan?


Thanks for the comment PaPang. I am going to use a high speed R4-L2R-20CR-GP type fan on the top. If you take a look at the angled bracket part the tubes will be attached at the highest point possible . This means that compared to my test fitting the bars will be about 2cm from the chassis top when they are screwed into the adapter. Hopefully this is enough to get my fingers through and avoid that whistling sound when I use a top fan.

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With both brackets marked and ready, I had the chance of getting the double barrel handle brackets drilled. I used a drill press and a metal drilling drill bit, and a drywall drill bit. Here are the final brackets and I will use m5 screws and locking washers to bolt it to the chassis.


Now using 8 cheap case screws it all fits together tightly. I will replace these case screws with screws that are 2mm longer. Only 2-3 threads reach the handle tube screws. Leopard print notebook cooling pad for the win!


The rails are parallel and are spaced about .30" apart. The screws are ugly but its done :cheers: .


Using 1.5" aluminum angle stock to create my brackets I was worried about vertical clearance. Lucky they came out with enough clearance to fit my hands under them.


It is the perfect size for the top of the chassis. I can still bolt it firmly through the top of the chassis.


Tomorrow I get to prime and paint the brackets black. The rails will remain brushed aluminum, and the angled brackets will be black with black screws.

Stay tuned Thursday for work on the front panel, and I/O. Wait till you see me use spare parts from assault rifles :D .

Thats all for now guys, thanks for reading.

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Assault rifle parts? Then I can use a working laser on mine?

Just kidding.


You should use a laser on your UFO, as long as you have an animatronic little green man sock-puppet. Maybe you could make an alien out of a hollow piece of cellophane and then use a 60mm fan to make him inflate and wave :alien: ! You are too funny!

Oh, not to spoil anything but I will use firearm and airsoft parts for my mod since it is firearms themed. I have at least 3 parts from two different guns to integrate in the design of the chassis. I also am going to a firing range Tuesday to get more. Thanks for the support.

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Since it is so difficult to find real mesh, and my main design idea was to incorporate spare parts from many Cooler Master cases, I am going to use a CM 690. I bought the top panel lid for the large amount of real high quality steel mesh. To my delight it also comes with a high quality I/O that includes IEEE 1394, and ESATA. I plan to use these in the build as well as a cereal box.

This is the standard front bezel of the RC-360. Note the pivoting aluminum CM logo, and the louvered vents on the bottom. I will keep the vents and use the original structure. All I need to do is build a mesh fascia in front of the chassis front.


The cereal box will be part of my build :lol:.


I made a physical template so I can gauge how much mesh I need to salvage from the CM 690.


The CM 690 looks like it has just about enough steel mesh to satisfy my needs.


That is it for tonight. Sorry for the infrequent updates since I am waiting for some parts to arrive in the mail I can't start on harder work. The next update will be a goodie, so stay tuned! :blackeye:

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Sorry, I told nicky_82uk that I fit three of his "aliens" first. Have you seen his fore-arm tatoo? It is the coolest! He's got the Ferrari Cosmos S mod, by the way.

I'm really looking forward to your weapons part addition, and thanks for the ideas, heh-heh.

Happy Modding and Cheers,

P.D. If your mod turns out to be kick-:), you really should enter it into the contest, imho.

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This next update is brought to you by a shotgun:



More firearms related modding coming up soon.

I am taking this time to prime my angled brackets that the double barrels bolt to. This is taking me a while since I am using 3 coats of primer and 3 coats of flat black paint. The angles should be done tomorrow 7/24.

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Two beautiful stamped steel 12-gauge heat shields arrived today from Ohio. They cost about $17 per piece, and since they are designed for a real gun with the function of cooling off the barrel, I considered this a totally necessary part for decorating the aluminum barrels. They are about 13.5" long, and universal for most shotguns with an 18" barrel, in my case my barrels are around 15" long.


Now these heat shields do not completely encircle the barrel since they have to make room for the cocking slide below it and the tube magazine of a normal shotgun. To install, simply slide the heat shields over the barrels and crimp the edges around it. Since this was hard steel I had to use a spring clamp to provide additional squeezing force to shape the steel.


The muzzle ends have a tab that must be crimped to the barrel. Later twin hex screws can be tightened for that firm grip. These pieces will not rotate once tightened on with the allen key. The barrels are starting to look really sick now.


A shot from the top and back you can see the shields taper towards the muzzle since they are accommodating a real gun barrel choke and tapered barrel.


I am using special 1" case screws that are only half threaded to hold the tubes in. The half threads allow for less friction on a longer length and penetrate deeply into the aluminum barrels. I tightened the back brackets deep into the chassis.


Now I tighten the front brackets and use my M5 hex bolts to bolt both the front and the back brackets firmly to the chassis. The handle isn't going anywhere now.


Tada :lol: :


The front panel is stripped of I/O and the handles aren't an overpowering statement yet since they are only 1.5" higher than the chassis


Enjoy more angles of the mod. I will paint the screw heads black on the top of the mod brackets and I also plan on cleverly concealing the front screws in a special way.


I am lucky that I got the side window is parallel with the double barrels for a powerful profile.


A top view, and I just noticed a funny observation that a double barreled shotgun doesn't need a heat shield since they fire too slow to overheat!


Macro closeup, you can see that one of the barrels is slightly higher by 2mm. This was a drilling error on the brackets that I couldn't correct without remaking the whole top brackets.


Thanks for the comments! Suggestions and improvement comments are always welcomed. Stay tuned for the next update, happily brought to you by an assault rifle. :cheers:

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That is serious kick-:) stuff. Hmmmm.... now for a finish that will make this great mod stand out, but I'd better hold my horses till you adavance more in your project cuz I feel you've got some other stuff under the sleeve.


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