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Project Elite 360 Double Barrel New pictures 8/9


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This update is brought to you by the coolest people in the industry. I am thinking of a few fine folks at MSI and Cooler Master. I'm going to take a break from the chassis front bezel while I bench test the internals.

The centerpiece of my mod is the venerable MSI X58 Platinum that supports Intel Core i7. We will be able to cram in SLI or Crossfire X into the cute little RC-360. I promise they will go in smooth without even a squeak.


This mobo is full on bad-:). Its ATX form factor and standard layout will allow many options for cable routing. It has the kitchen sink worth of features to tweak and it is completely black.


Rounding out the build are the following goodies. Can it play Crysis?

Intel Core i7 920

Sapphire HD Radeon 4870 512MB Toxic

Cooler Master Silent Pro M 600W :cheers:

Cooler Master Sphere Black edition (this is the extremely rare black electroplated version that was briefly available for one month in 2007)

3 X Kingston triple channel DDR3 Memory

Western Digital Raptor X 300GB HDD

Samsung 10x DVD Burner



Again a special thanks to:

Brand1312.gif& Brand1333.gif

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Yup, that setup will kick some serious butt! Not the top of the line but good enough to run Crysis in ultra, I'm pretty sure on any 22" or less monitor. With that kind of performance, who needs more? With some good overclocking (and consequent cooling), it'll be good enough for 99% of gamers, including myself!


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Today after work I decided to put it all together. After mounting the RAM, the most important part is getting the right CPU contact and the right thermal interface. I will be using the rare CM Sphere black that was only made in late 2007. It is a fine piece of hardware that is black electroplated with blue LEDs. I also have a tube of Thermal Fusion 400 for the best heat conduction. Do note that the CM Sphere is not recommended for LGA-1366. If you can find the bracket accessory kit for the V8 or V10 it will be able to mount to an I7 CPU.


Now here is how it looks through the window. It's a massive looking cooler inside this tiny area, but is just the right size not to block any of the openings.


Here is the whole chassis integrated. See how tight everything fits together. I have sad news that a HD 4870 Radeon will NOT fit inside this chassis. Note the 135mm fan on the silent pro takes up 150mm of depth and it doesn't allow for a video card 9.5" or greater since it will block the cables.


Enjoy! Now I am back to do the front bezel and prep it for the mesh. Thanks for the comments.

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This update is brought to you by a part called a picatinny rail. This is a universal rail for mounting scopes and accessories to modern firearms. It will be the centerpiece of my front bezel.

But before I attach it I need to carefully file a channel for the rail to lay. It's time to mark the tape and dremel.


After 10 minutes with a sanding wheel it looks like we have a perfect test fit. Its parallel 2.5" apart from both sides. Now I have to drill a hole to screw it in.


This baby is solid steel and .3" thick. It has specific channels that are used for mounting any weapon accessory. These channels will add edginess to the front.


Now I drill a little hole before I drill a .20" hole. I need it exactly on center or else it will look something awful. I will be using hex head rough threaded wood/plastic screws about .30" long


Viola! It's drilled and sitting there the next morning. Now I realized that I will have to file the ridge around the ODD areas. I need it to be flush with the plane of the chassis so the mesh will flow on it. Here is a shot of it outside ready to be ground to bits with my dremel.


After 2 hours of the dremel, I have ate away all the ridge. That black plastic will get everywhere but it was worth it. It wasn't the cleanest, but all the areas are actually level with the rest of the chassis.


Preparation for the front bezel will have to wait for another day. I'm going to have new switches and of course a mesh front for cooling with dust filters. I'm also going to paint the front mesh. There will be more updates later! :cheers:

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Are you still going ahead with the muzzles? For me it would be the cherry on the icing! Nice going.


Yup, but I will have to use a cheap looking sheet metal or something. I cant afford to buy the optimal solution which are airsoft muzzles. They are like $20 each.

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