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MORPHIUS -2009 Mod Contest Entry-finished BRODER


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Hello to all

I thought of making a case to be a ROBOT that was well from WAR damaged, dirty and broken, after participating in some battles, but some parts were exposed and at the same time have a visual and dirty.

You will monitor Morphius category (UNIQUE)




FAN 120MM cooler master

FAN 120MM cooler master

FAN 120MM cooler master


Well I will now staff in modeling CLAY to details to get a way to work with fiber.


observed that the clay is taking shape and details, it greatly craft a casemod

values look like after you finished?

I will do now that part of the head, which is above a depth greater importance to have a good result in casemod




after you carve all the details of the model, it is already almost ready to do-take a form of silicone, to trabalahr with fiber.


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New part, I show how this part was and how good to have enough detail to enhance the casemod so you may have and enjoy the maximum of imagination and appreciation for the very small details that count at the end.



placing of PVC to various legal details, the details are very nice.


I am now a cutting tip of aircraft to the tip of the fan


now completed in the details


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here now a part of the waist and detailed but still waiting for the painting, that is good to concentrate to get a legal result, since independence the whole body will be arrested.



Now I'm doing the leg where did the details in PVC and fiberglass, and reinforced to handle the structure of the entire modding,


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ways is to play in CLAY silicone and then several layers of plaster to give support to the silicone that is booting, it is a simple but slow, with a wealth of detail that the piece is made with glass fiber.



here already with this layer of plaster to maintain at that time I'm removing the mass for the withdrawal form to produce parts that will be the structure of Morphius

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I will now show as was the result of the entire sculpting CLAY and then in the form of silicone,

making glass fiber in the form and removal of semi finished parts. see how the structure was already in the casemod fiberglass.

Morphius the warrior who came from another galaxy is gaining shape and bold lines to each post, the visual look aggressive and a

good dose of Robot with legs of spider fell well in this project.

The lighting in my concept is another important factor to life in this project, so the amount of lighting I have a very good effect and a satisfactory result



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so good to see the winning Morphius way, enough to be exciting, see it becoming real, leaving the role, gaining form accessories, life, but there we still have much to show, this wonderful project that it, is getting very beautiful and visually impressive. I have a special place you will see the COOL HYPER Z600 in central point of this project, which brings a visually enthralling.

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