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MORPHIUS -2009 Mod Contest Entry-finished BRODER


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Absolutely clean, even on the back of Morphius! But, hmmm, where are the mobo i/o connectors (video, sound, etc)? I cannot see them.

Also, if you could improve Morphius, what could you do to him?

Trabajo excelso Maciel, Kudos!/Excellent job done (sounds better in Spanish/Portuguese IMO) Maciel, Kudos!

Cheers and Saludos

P.D. Don't forget the photos promised!

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HA HA HA I'll show you a picture exclusive for you Papang, but these pictures from now on will already show more details on Morphius, including their wings and their links and thanks for the compliments!

This part shows the cooler COOLER MASTER intentionally leaving the stomach, part of the overall context of the project. has some details that I'm particularly changed in the process of creation, to embellish further.

HA HA HA Vou mostrar uma foto exclusiva para você PAPANG, mas essas fotos de agora em diante ja irão mostrar mais detalhes sobre MORPHIUS , inclusive suas asas e as suas conexões e muito obrigado pelos elógios!

Essa parte mostra o cooler da COOLER AMSTER saindo da barriga intencionalmente , fazendo parte do contexto geral do projeto. tem alguns detalhes que eu particularmente vou mudando durante o processo de criação, para embelezar ainda mais .

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Sorry, I forgot that you had the finishing touches left (wings for ex.). Ahhh, thanks I see more clearly with Morphius "on"!!! Obrigado Maciel!

Cheers and Saludos

P.D.: Does Morphius "fly"/Puede Morphius "volar"?

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These are the wings of Morphius, having your dirty design result of the constant battles faced by Morphius!

I n particular think these wings make a style more to casemod.

Essas são as asas de MORPHIUS, tendo seu desenho sujo resultado das constantes batalhas sofridas por MORPHIUS!!

E m particular acho que essas asas dão um estilo maior ao casemod.

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