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Project: Ares Flow (2009 Modding Contest Entry)


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This is an entry for the CoolerMaster 2009 Modding Contest. This is a custom case entry.

The Components that I will be using in this build is:

Evga E760 Classified Motherboard

3x XFX GTX 260 Core 216

Intel Core i7 965 Extreme

Corsair 12GB 1600 mhz DDR3 triple channel kit

Falcon 64GB SSD

Koolance erm-2k3u Liquid cooling system

From Cooler Master:

Ultimate PSU 1100 Watt

4x Cooler Master R4 (Blue) Led 120mm fans.

This case has been designed and build by me.

I hope you all enjoy.

Here is the skeletal design of the case. I used Google SketchUp for the design.

I will be using 3/4" Extruded Acrylic tubing for the frame and a combination of 1/8" and 1/4" thick sheeting for everything else.



The work area.


The bottom frame.


Starting the Glue. I will be using WeldOn #16 to bond the acrylic and I will also be using 90 degree corner braces to give the structure strength.









Adding the upright supports of the bottom rack.





This bottom rack is where the Koolance cooling system will sit.


That is all I have for now. Waiting on the rest of my acrylic to arrive should get here tuseday. Untill then I hope you all enojoy the post!

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Extruded acrylic tubing! I have yet to see it on a retail level here in Mexico, much less here in Cancun. If I could get hold of it, I could've done a couple of mods with it myself. It is pretty daring to use it for your entire inside of your case. Where are you from, by the way, you didn't fill out your profile too much-you can add to it by editing.

Have an idea what it will look like outside? Will see what you come up with! Should be pretty exciting.


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Yeah I get the tubing from http://www.usplastics.com along with the rest of my arcylic. I do have a very good idea what the rest of the case will look like, but I am going to keep it a secret!

The tubing is extremely strong!!!! will hold most of my weight (225lbs) on the braced sections.

I got the rest of my tubing along with my mobo tray and some other needed accessories today, so I will be working hard from here on out. Should have updates about every day or so.

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Well folks I finally got most of my acrylic in today. I spent all the time that I wasnt shooting my new Glock .45 in the shop (garage) working on this!

I hope you enjoy!

The sheets of acrylic.



To cut the sheets of Acrylic I used a scoring tool and then just broke the acrylic at the scored line. It makes a real clean cut.





The acrylic mobo tray.




Drilling holes in the aftermarket mobo tray so that I can attach it to the acrylic mobo tray.



Attaching the aftermarket tray to the acrylic one. Checking to see if everything fits.


Drilling the countersinks for the screws.


A little test in bending acrylic with a little extra piece that I had left over.

The way that I did this, is by heating it with a simple blow torch and just bending it over a 90 degree angle.



Starting the cuts for the very bottom tray.



That is all that I have for the time being, believe it or not this took quite a while. I hope you enjoy more to come tomorrow.

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Yes, I "cheated" too with the mobo base/tray because I could not figure out how to make a workable video card bracket (acrylic, fiberglass, metal?), anyway, who makes a mod for use with integrated graphics? You just gave me a couple of ideas how to better attach my mobo tray, thanks!

Keep up the good work.


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Well another small update for ya, I am not sure if I will be able to get in the garage again today, I plan to but in case I cant I am uploading what I have. Hope you enjoy.

I finished the rest of the bottom tray. This is the tray that the Koolance Rad/pump/res assembly will rest on.




Now I am getting the second level tray on. Here I will be housing all drives and PSU's.

I think I am going to have to cut this plate in half also so that If i need to get below it I can get it out from under the mobo tray.



A taste of what it would look like with all of the trays on.



I will be painting the frame black when I get it finished. Still waiting on some extruded rod the USplastics owes me.

More to come soon!

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So I lied turns out I had more time today than I thought I did So here is the rest of what I managed to do today. This might be the last update untill next week.

The rest of the frame cut out so that I can finish the top of the case. This thing is going to be HUGE!!! But I love it!!!


Attaching the last pieces to the frame.




Almost ready for paint!!!



Mock up of what it will look like with the paneling that I have cut.



Enjoy and let me know what you guys think!!!

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Well, I think it is formidable but that's because I like to use acrylic (especially bending the heck out of it with my heat gun) but always screwed/glued to a metal framework, but now, with your tutorial (yup, some worklogs are almost tutorials), if I can find the darn tubes, I have got another choice. Kudos!

Cheers & waiting to learn more from you. :D

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