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PROJECT LUNAR SERENITY - CM 2009 Modding Contest - Completed


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After the disappointment with the acrylic support for HD, I was discouraged thinking about having to use original HD cage of the case.

It must be said that the cage is well designed and perfectly fulfilled its function, but it is ugly and too big.

As I searched the cage, I literally stumbled on my solution.

Seriously, I stumbled on a piece of aluminum that one time served to hold a truck bed cover. The truck was sold a few years ago, but this piece of aluminum was lost here at home.


When I picked up the aluminum piece, cursing and thinking of throwing it away, I realized that had the shape and size suitable for manufacturing the support.

I ran to cut a piece and test the solution on my old HD ...


Well, the measure is exactly what I needed ... just make holes and screw the HD!



But not everything is perfect, the piece is too high.

Compared with a DVD drive, you can see that I need to cut the upper part of the piece.



After cut, sanded and polished all 12 pieces, I come back to talk about it ...

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During the rainy days, I used these days to...

- To weld some leds (about 80 LEDs)







- Sanded the parts of the painting damaged by the explosion of spray gun ...






- I cut some blue acrylic finishes for the side covers:











- I took off a few scratches from acrylic parts:













- I was thinking of using a special detail to the sides. LS - Lunar Serenity ...

Although not definitive, but I will test an idea to see if the effect will be cool.





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80 leds! Then we have a led competition! Just kidding, but I really like great lighting, not a lot of leds but rather a lot of STRATEGICALLY placed leds. Cool lighting with a lot of leds, not glaring lighting which leaves you almost blind! I think Asgneto is going to give a led lighting class.

Will be waiting to see.

Cheers and Saludos

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I made a large number of LEDs thinking in different situations but still have not decided if I will use all of them.

I've other options of enlightenment (cold cathodes, neon wire, BLB Lamps, etc) here in my box of surprises and I'll test some combinations to see if it will work.

Oh yes... I don't like too much light, especially when it is blinding the eyes.

All my projects can be fully lit, lit partly or almost dark. This is very important!

Today I did the lighting of the front buttons and a few more details and I liked it very much ... more photos tomorrow.

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Well folks, we are in the final moments of CM Modding Contest and as everyone knows, is in this last week seems that everything really happens.

As the days seem shorter than usual, I'm walking very tired and without free time to edit long posts with detailed description of each step of the project.

Please, if you have any questions about anything, send me that and I will be happy to explain.

Here are the steps completed the last 3 days ...

Mounting chassis:

I used a pop rivets pliers, rivets (3,2 x 8,0 mm) and a few screws (original from case).


Mounting the switches on Front column:

I mounted 3 mini switches (pushbutton) with 2 blue LEDs of 3mm high brightness.

These switches will be used for Power, Reset and Clear CMOS functions.


Lighting front finishing (lower piece):

I used 4 high-brightness LEDs embedded in pieces of acrylic to make the finish on the front of the case.

During the cut for inlay the LEDs, because of a small distraction, one of the pieces of acrylic just broke. Fortunately, the piece can be glued and can be used without problems.


Lighting front finish (higher piece):

I prepared 3 LEDs to make the backlight of my signature.

For the test, I print my logo ASGNETO on plain paper and secured the LEDs array with duct tape.

With the piece placed on a sheet of white paper (same color of the case), we can see the brightness of the LEDs inside the piece.

After some tests, I decided by indirect lighting ... the LEDs will be directed to the case and its reflection will illuminate the logo with the same intensity.





Many things to do yet... let's work!


Heat sink / HD's Adapter:

The aluminum piece was cuted into 6 pieces of 15 cm and the excess height was removed (see details in previous posts).

Then the pieces were sanded and partially polished (later I finish the polishing).

To make the holes for fixing the HD to the pieces and to fix the pieces to the case, I made a mold with a piece of crystal acrylic.

The adapters was successfully tested in the case.


Water block cover:

The cover of the block was left with the lathe for 3 days and returned the same way it was delivered to him. Nothing was done ...

Since time is short and there is more room for delay, did exactly what I was avoiding from the begining: do the holes at home.

I don't found the drill with the appropriate measure, so I had to improvise. For the assembly of the fittings, I made the hole with an 8mm drill and then use a grinding stone of the Dremel to increase the hole diameter. After I made the screw in the acrylic piece using a heated brass fitting. The other holes were drilled with a drill steel 4mm. Finally, I mark and cut the cover excess.



Some extra pictures of my MODspace :


Balance at the end of the day:

End of another day ... a picture of what was done and what still remains to be made...


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Asgneto, the post is gigantic! I only saw it quickly but what I saw, I liked and the paint is fine inspite of what happened. Too bad I can't comment much but I am trying to finish with you anyways.


No problems...

I got no time to make posts every day and I ended up posting it on the same day.

Take your time to finish your project and then we discuss the updates to our logs.

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Wow, lots of things coming up here! A few years without talking :lol: Seems that we'll have another outstanding project!

First of all, congratulations for the new baby my friend!! Maybe a new casemodder coming here? haha. Cheers!

It's always nice to see an oldschool coming back, specially you that always helped hundred of people with all your knowledge. As i could see by the topic, Lunar Serenity will be another hardcore modding project, in a very nice case!

If you have problems with that waterblock top, we have a nice drill-press at puc that can finely do this (and i still have that 1/4 npt thread maker) .

Keep up with the nice work and good luck,

Mario Pareto.

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