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Project: BEAST - 2009 Mod Contest Entry


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Here it is guys i hope you like the case that i i have built from scratch.


Gigabyte EX-58 Extreme

Intel Core i7 920 D0 Stepping

12GB Corsair Dominator 1600Mz Triple Channel

Xilence 1000w Gaming Edition Power Supply

Evga 9800 GTX SSC Edition *Note( I was going to buy a 260 GTX but something happen and i came in short of money.)

200GB Seagate Baraguta Hard Disk

500GB Western Digital Black Edition Hard Disk


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Yes, a detailed worklog is the only way to prove that you did the mod vs. just pics of just the finished project. Some folks who have trouble writing (or expressing themselves in writing) remedy this by uploading a bunch of pics of things done at different important stages in a sequential manner. You don't learn as much but is good enough to get the idea across as there is nothing better than a photo with an accompanying description of what was done.

In my forum, we separate the "finished projects"(just a few pics from different angles) from the "Projects in progress" (worklogs-some are 20-40 pages long). True modders will see a finished project maybe a couple of times, but will come back many more times to see something that was ingeniously done in detail in the worklog, in order to learn from the author. Also a true modder gets admiration from teaching others what he learned and implemented and is not afraid to share his knowledge or ideas. In others words, he not only works for himself but also for the betterment of the modding community. By then, he is usually labeled by others as a "Master Modder" or Sensei, if you wish.

Just my two cents. Don't get me wrong, you have a great mod..., I just didn't learn anything from you--get my drift? :cry:


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Well, look who dropped in! One of the finest schools for modding no less! Bill Owen of MNPCTECH has some of the best worklog/tutorials on this planet. I'm not afraid to say that some of my modding tricks were learned from the great video tutorials that are posted on this fine site featuring Bill and other modding masters. I especially enjoy the the tutorials where you learn to do things using simple and cheap tools available to most modders (I don't think I have the time nor $$ to learn how to operate a lathe, for ex., and much less own one). Modding is just a hobby.

You will find one the best explanations for worklogs in their forum (in The Mod Bros.) . I don't follow their instruction/suggestions to the letter, but it was my starting point. My style for a worklog (probably not the best) is definitely mine. It is probably a little tedious but such were my experiences/pitfalls/successes in getting something done. I hope viewers will learn from my logs and I also include a lot of hints and pearls of knowledge learned...., just like Bill. Why? Because I will not be mass producing my mod for sale and thus have no fear of some competitor imitating my mod. I will not be making another mod based on this concept again, preferring to experiment in other other untouched/unseen areas (and there are more than I can reach in a lifetime).

Also, as the rule stipulates, no worklog, no participation in the contest. Good luck on your worklog! :D


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