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Project: FiFO - 2009 Mod Contest Entry


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Yep sunny, our type of modder! Too bad Frenkie had to withdraw, but we stand to learn a hat full of tricks like the tube over the NB heatsink (it is the NB?). Also we must be thankful that he continued inspite of all. Hurrah for Frenkie!

Cheers and Saludos

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It is not the NB, it's the CPU cooler ! But hey, it's only a P4-2800. These babies never got hot-headed. Now if it was an old AMD....... but I guess you know why we NEVER see any old AMD CPU anymore; all went down in flames !

Just for a bit of fun, I can show you guys how a "Frenkie-Style" mod comes about. Just let me give you one example of my previous mods, so you know who youre dealing with. :twisted:

This was a old written-off GARBAGE can. I had to throw it away because the id was broken.


Then 'IT' came to me, and I made this out of it.


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OMG, round surfaces! I assure you I've had my fill for a while of "rotundness". Like you scrap into treasure, a lesson for all the spend drift noobs. Good times are NOT around the corner,so learn to mod another way or file for bankruptcy!

Sorry, I only go back to slot As and 1s, it looked so small to be a cpu heatsink! But you are right, Pentiums and Athlons after the slots were pretty darn cool and the sinks were smallish (well, compared to the slot sinks and fans). Ahhh.. an Intel fan-boy, I'm an AMD nut but this thread would not be large enough for our arguments so I desist, heheh.

Keep 'em rollin' FrenkieNL, Kudos on the R2D2!

Cheers and Saludos

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Ok, lets cool the GPU, (looks weird eh ? :) )


Here I cut the plexi tube as small as possible to fit the card.


Perfect fit.


Top view


Front view


This end can't contain a fan, obviously.


But since the air needs to flow, we need an exhaust. Here is the coarse cut before I filed it down nice and smooth.


( I could remove those two vertical strips of metal...shall I ? )

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Well, Frenkie, good to see the "lightbulb" sticky on your project so the big question is: are you in the competition? You may be like me sometimes cranky, garrulous, cantankerous and opinionated but no doubt a master modder. And within a short while a member of sunny's SCMC (Senior Citizens Modding Club) here at CM (over 50), heheh.

Let us know what's up! Oh, I say cut the strips too.

Cheers and Saludos

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Yeah, despite some unfortunat circumstances, my GF persueded me to enter the compo anyway. Mainly to get my mind off this f*** crisis bizznizz. So i'm in and i'll try to get this mod up and running before the 20th. Maybe not as nice and sweet as your mods, but maybe I can be an example how crazy a mod can be :) Think outside the box ! Just laugh a bit with me and enjoy the ride :D

Lets the sparks fly !!!


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