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Killer HL box rev. A2 argentina(09 Mod Contest) Completed


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Heheh, coolest grill in this contest yet! Hey, chatnoir, could you tell us how much it cost you?


Jaja, el grill mas padre/nítido del concurso hasta ahora! Oye Chatnoir te importaría decirnos cuanto te costo?

Cheers y Saludos

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hey! thanks ... I went to my friend Mario, to do a bit of metal in my truck, and I could not tank the little watch Reister carbide occurred to me .. so many things had taken my case to present it, this little clock, look no works .. I said, no matter mario better .. well, that is a bolt in there, give it to you .. ok! thanks mario. :mrgreen:












The next step, power and reset...

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looking fab bro like what you have done like the rust and the cd rom drive and the paint work i will tell you this i would never put the noob in my mouth you know what that dog done when its walk past by also could have cocked up that leg and give it a waterfall effect lol

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