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Killer HL box rev. A2 argentina(09 Mod Contest) Completed


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Great modding Sir chatnoir,,,

Any website for future references Bro?! You're great especially in hand painting the case...

Yes, do tell us you home forum for future contact/Si por favor diganos tu foro que podrías llamar "casa" para futura referencia.

Cheers and Saludos

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Like it looks nice!

Don't you think the PSU should get the same painting?

Also one thing would be great if there could be some functionality with the big "hand wheel" you attached to the side of you mod. I think on an mechanical function if you move the "hand wheel" there could be opened for some air gate.

But over all very nice and different not seen before! :wav:

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we are in the finals and take this opportunity to thank everyone for this great moment, which made it possible for me here :mrgreen:

those who gave their support, who commented, who simply looked at all thanks :cheers:

the man behind the mask :mrgreen: the final process of the chest in the power source, this source alone brings a 80mm fan pulling air into the back, then thought to give a little help with the cooling :mrgreen:







see you later :wink:


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