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Satella (Hybrid Scrap Satellite) 2009 Mod Entry - Completed


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Yahoo! Another contestant just in the nick of time (to finish, not register) and with a space theme, no less. Yup, veteran modders are NEVER old, no matter the age, we like to "play around" with our computers like any kid on the block! Just ask slipperyskip, he'll give any whippersnapper, a run for his money, yessiree! (in other words, kick some serious rear end). We are going to teach the noobs (or noobers-not noobs but younger) how to mod without breaking the bank just using a handful of our still vigorous neurons, with imagination, creativity and sweat (don't forget resourcefulness and just plain honest to goodness work ethic).

No controversial sub-contracting from us, every square inch of our mods was made with our calloused hands--like true modders. We are not afraid to screw up, but we have enough sense to pull our foot out and correct it till it bleeds perfection (or as close to it as possible). Who is competing anyway, us or our 3rd party sub-contractors/sponsors????

Ahhh....there I go rantin' again, must be the age, he-he.

Cheers and keep on kickin'!/Saludos

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