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Satella (Hybrid Scrap Satellite) 2009 Mod Entry - Completed


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Wow!!! Great job! You can say "I rest my CASE" (pun intended hehehe!) Well done lil' Bro!

Yes Sir renonovado, Thanks A Lot!!!

Yes there are 2 cases...

This case will be resting while I still have a case of modder's insomnia!!!

Thanks Big brother (I dedicated this mod to few inspiring people, and one of them was You!).

(I know how hectic work you've there previously during Ramadan).

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That is really good work my friend. It looks like it was built by someone having a lot of fun.

Good luck in the contest!

Thanks Sir slipperyskip, I am saying just the same to everyone who participated...


Building and planning this kind of mod didn't come easy for me, since I do precision hand cutting done excellently on metals (as seen on all my mods at tipidpc.com) and this is not a regular square/rectangle kind of enclosure (more thinking required) as well as the stability of what i am using (this container was from Motorola Semiconductor Phils that I acquired way back 1982-same age as MstJuan), combined with the lack of right hardwares as I was expecting then a smaller mobo of an 8" x 8" and lightweight. I still have to worry on the stand since this should float in air... with a time limit worklog...as well as leaving behind some work that will make my earnings.

I am just happy that things went deciding right as days rolls by that looks like that worries were replaced with FUN, there are so much idea on this bucket that I can't put it in due to lack of space...that other ideas on this type of enclosure will be on my next sidepart project - the Subtella - the last of the Nautilus(the stand as planned will look like an aquarium, filled with water and fishes)!!!

Thanks Big Brother!!!

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wow sunny my man!!!

amazing, really amazing... am really impressed!!!

I have been here from day 1 following your project and I must say am not disappointed!!!


I got lots of old worklog (mostly metal cutting by rotary tools) and it needs some place for newbies to learn... did you received my PM at your site?!

I'll check after this...I am damn worried about this incoming storm again...wheeewwww

The PWDragon mod I supposed will be residing here...

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that's good!!!

I didn't get the PM from you but I send you a couple too so hopefully you will see it soon!!!

Sorry to hear about the bad weather, here is kind of cold too and have to stop all my other mods... :(

Thanks Sir masbuskado, got it...

I'll post a startup soon before your given deadline...

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