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Project Krypto 2009 Mod Contest

Marc Molella

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Great to see back on your feet, altho maybe a little wobbly Marcam! Not taking emphasis from Krypto, but it is good that YOU are alive, heheh! Must have had a pretty nasty bug to knock you down like that. What did you get anyways? Are you contagious (kidding)?

Will be looking forward to your updates and get better.

Cheers and Saludos

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Either Impetigo or shingles... They are not really sure which one, just very painful and tiring. Have not worked in a week either...

More to come hopefully within the next couple days!

Thanks everyone for the support! Trying to get in before the deadline of the 20th. :wink:

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Well the time has arrived, for those watching the reveal will be today, some final shots after I take them in the next couple days!

She is alive, she is running, and I have impressed myself. Normally at this point I see things I could change, things I could have done better, but this time I see a completed project! :bounce::bounce::bounce:

The threads up top will be organized later so everyone can find things easier, but the updates will be posted in the next few threads!

Starting with this one!! :bounce::bounce:

My first thing to finish before I could start assembly of the hardware, was getting all my wiring tucked that would control everything else. I wanted that wiring invisible. The wiring for the fans, the cold cathodes, the strobe lights, (yes I used 2 strobe lights that were meant for a car, but work off a 12v+ system :D )

Plus I had to lap my TRUE Black, all of which needed to be completed before I could mount anything so that it did not get in the way later:

The TRUE BLACK was my hardest lapping yet, it was black and silver anodized, had to get both of those layers gone before revealing the copper. But after all is said and done, the end results truly was worth it.

Lapping steps >> 220grit > 400grit> 600grit> 800grit> 1000grit> 1500grit> 2000grit!



So with all that completed I begin the hardware mounting!

First of course motherboard in, 8pin EPS power cable routed behind the tray, you can see it sticking out up at the top:


Next our hand picked i7 920 chip, what a great batch, had her up to 4.7 already on air no sweat!


Mounted in her final resting place!


Drop in some temp ram, I could not afford the good stuff at this point. :(


A little OCZ Freeze, highly recommended!!


POOF TRUE mounted and getting closer, in this shot you can see one of the strobe lights in the top right, coming down from the top of the case!


At this point I picked up the pace, next we see both fans mounted on the TRUE, and the first gtx275 mounted in place, as well as the Corsair Ram fan, decals removed all black!

hmmmm where did the wires go? ;)


We reached test run time, when I hit a wall.

Upon booting up something just wasn't right, my fear set in, as I do not really have time for dead hardware to make my deadline for the competition.

This is when I remember reading on the tech specs for my Corsair HX1000w PSU the input current was 13A and the power cord I had was only 10A?? Hmm could this be the issue? After a quick trip to Tigerdirect, and the location of a 15A power cord, apulled from the back as they do not officially sell them, problems resolved. The psu was not being allowed to pull enough power thus supplying insufficient power to the entire system. This theory was proved accurate, when I of course unplugged the old cord from the wall, and it was very warm to the touch.

Here is an shot of the difference in cord size, this HX1000 means business!


So she purrs happily along now. :bounce::bounce::bounce:

Reveals coming soon - hard drive final mounting, front panel switches for light control, and the pictures that will make you go hmmmmm ;)

A little preview, this case project is called Krypto, why?

In the comic series of Superman, he has a dog named Krypto. Where can we always find man's best friend? At our feet right when we need them, thus my computer will always be right at my feet when I need her. Second I have a play on words, Krypto, being Kryptic (cryptic)

I like my reveals slow and almost painful, building the anticipation of all those watching, making them hungry wanting to come back and see more (at least that is how I get) So I am somewhat Kryptic in my reveals.

The final piece of the puzzle, well the case is the Coolermaster COSMOS after all, and what exactly is the COSMOS?

Taken from wikipedia and I quote:

source vvv



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In its most general sense, a cosmos is an orderly or harmonious system. It originates from a Greek term κόσμος meaning "order, orderly arrangement, ornaments," and is the antithetical concept of chaos. Today the word is generally used as a synonym of the word Universe (considered in its orderly aspect)."

So by this description, COSMOS - an orderly or harmonious system, everything will be in perfectly placement, wiring, lighting, hardware will match not only in color to the rest of the case, but in overall stature. Everything will look as if it was designed or created to be placed and work together.

second meaning is the synonym for the universe - so can the COSMOS be cosmic? Does Superman not originate from a place far away from our very own universe? Would his dog not the same? How can I make this tie in with the rest of the work, to fit in perfect harmony to fit together?

Well this is what I have been planning for months and months, and that reveal will come a little later. :D

But at least now you see that everything was placed exactly this way for a reason, with a purpose, it was a vision in my head, that I executed on paper. The final execution is just how I pictured it, which is almost Cosmic in its placement. ;)

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Ok fellas, next update!

Well what is a custom modded computer, without matching hardware?

So here is what my gtx275 looked like when purchased new:



Here is the outcome after the factory decals were removed, the top was covered with black vinyl:




This is why in the photos above the gtx275 top is black not red!

More coming soon!

Let me know what you think!

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Onward and upward.

Picture of the preparation of the side panel for the custom print!


tools needed, squeege, felt squeege for after decal is installed so as to not scratch it after the pre-mask is removed, knife, new blades, and spray bottle.



the print before application:


and the side panel after installation:


then the panel installed on the computer!



Here in the front panel, we see the fan controller and underneath the three switches that control the cold cathodes, and the strobes!


then some inside shots, both graphics cards installed, and the other part of the print matching mounted to the inside of the back panel, to bring the "COSMIC" effect into the case, going along with the matching black hardware, and metallic black paint on the inside of the case!






Notice how the small prints mounted on the graphics cards match the main print too! ;)


Next posts will be tomorrow, some full exterior and interior shots, another little mod to the inside, to highlight the print on the graphics cards, and hopefully some movies highlighting the overall lighting effects!

Enjoy for now! :bounce::bounce:

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Hot print, I like it! To stop scratching you really have to dive into something you like to do. Hope your project helps keep your pesky hands from your welts, heheh. You are definitely going ahead full speed. Kudos!

Cheers and Saludos

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