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Project Laithai [CM 2009 Modding Contest]


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Hello! , coolermaster , today This's my recent project , about the arts of Thailand way come to mix with , case , and the equipment of the way , coolermaster . , by my idea is arts lead in stripes writing comes to use , for , learn the news strange come out , and get mass media even if , ancient arts and advanced that apology car technologies have staied together divisibly , and will investigating substance gives the arts of Thailand to at know to add . case at I chooses to use is , coolermaster elite 334 , the lid beside clear.

if , there is the error of the language must beg one's pardon with because , I not excellent the language .

Completed :mrgreen:

dsc_0553.jpg dsc_0563.jpg dsc_0567.jpg dsc_0570.jpg dsc_0571.jpg dsc_0573.jpg dsc_0582.jpg dsc_0587.jpg dsc_0599.jpg dsc_0602.jpg dsc_0607.jpg img_0298.jpg img_1101.jpg img_1117.jpg




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Bienvenido al concurso, but you are really cutting it close to the due date, unless you've already finished or are about to. Good Luck and looking forward to seeing the end product.

Cheers and saludos

P.D. Are you using google translator? If so, keep your sentences short and do not use slang very much. It will work better that way.

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update 10/09/2009 ,

The LCD has some pierce on them. This LCD it make from my brother also them have minitor like 4 line to make show any status and also can use setting by your self as you like to transfer by port usb use as LCD Smarie program to make any setting for





This's Display LCD Form My Brother.


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I hope you have enough time, I wish you much succes !



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