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Project Dakota PC: 2009 Mod Contest


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Purchased a aluminum billet fan grill from MNPCTECH.COM


I sanded and painted it semi-gloss black spray paint.

I used a xigmatek case fan with this attached to my HDD cage.

I spray painted the HDD cage black and adjusted the HDD Cage so it would fit forward in the case and screwed it down.

See picture above of fan on with gril.

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Great look on the paint, but a question, is the black on the outer part the original case paint just super buffed? I like the Dakota motif on the side panel.

You might consider no more than 800 X 600 max. (it eats up a little part of the photo, but fills the page without having to click), great work doesn't have to so big to be appreciated.

Good luck and the Best.

Cheers and Saludos

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Took off the side fan and painted the panel with high gloss black krylon spray paint.


wetsand, 3m compound, and 3m hand glaze on side panels.

added 1/8" smoke plexiglass

drilled holes for location.

cut hole for fan with dremel.

added Xigmatek 120mm fan with FLAME grill by MNPCTECH.COM


THen I found a buffalo vinyl sticker on EBAy and used it plus I am waiting for new Dakota letters from EBAy.


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SMALLER PICTURES SORRYpost-40353-13880422746868_thumb.jpgpost-40353-13880422747751_thumb.jpgpost-40353-13880422748863_thumb.jpgpost-40353-13880422749535_thumb.jpg

I spray painted only the grey plastic panels with high gloss Black krylon fusion.

I did not have to wet sand them too much. but i did put rubbing compound on them and then

i put on hand glaze and then finished with carnuba wax.

The plastic pieces were harder to paint due to the spray paint. i dont have a spray gun.

but despite that, they did turn out fine.

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