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Coolermaster Lamborghini Cosmos version 2


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Well i have started on my next project :D another Lamborghini Cosmos but this one will be better i have aload of parts coming in from the usa as we speak no rest for the wicked

here the new sidedoor designs


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I think nobody will ever see this on a case what i have planned for this mod a spoiler like whats on the Lamborghini :wink: also this time around i can go at my own speed because takes time for parts and stuff



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Looks nice this 8) i have to wait a few days for the lambo emblems for the sides also yes its a coolermaster black label :wink: also this week have 2 new ati HD 5870 coming for this :o





soon i'm going to need a bigger house :roll: seem to me i have a expensive habbit and why not i work hard for my stuff also cooler master where can i buy shares


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