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Cooler Master HAF Case Mod


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I'm continuing with more case mods performed to the HAF 922 I won in Cooler Master's 2009 Case Mod Competition. I will be customizing the front bezel for 2x 120mm intakes


I have shown you how to install your own Cooler Master HAF window


I'm using paper to make a template for 2x 120mm front intake plate.


Tracking template onto 1/8" thick aluminum sheet.


I used a Jigsaw with 18 TPI metal cutting blade to cut the design. I will refine and finish the cuts with a hand file later.


The 1/8" thick aluminum won't fit in my bending brake, so I used my bench vise to bend the aluminum.

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I've attached the new bezel plate on with pop rivets.


Overkill "Nautilus" 120mm fan grills, http://www.mnpctech.com/120mm_Overkill_Fan_Grills.html



In order to use the Knock-out punch, you need to drill a 2" pilot hole.


Greenlee Knock out Punches

Greenlee part # 730EBB-120 Last time I inquired, they were around $450 in the states + Large 3/4" socket wrench, and 2" socket. I wouldn't use anything less than 19" long socket wrench. Estimated purchase price of $550 new.





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The tentative color scheme for this case will be Grey Steel and Weathered.. Thinkin heavy industrial theme with Sci-Fi twist...maybe..havent decided yet

Heres the link for the Nautilus Grills at Xoxide (1/2" thick cnc milled pron)


Performance-Pcs, both have Black anodized versions as well.


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Wow nice.. I am soo looking forward to get this thing finished...

Hey are you planning to mod such for ATCS840?? I wanna add front fan to my ATCS840 but I don't wanna use the adapter that mismatch the bezel...need to look professional.

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Yea...I saw your mod for District 9. You are a Rockstar. I have seen all the mods but I prefer to see yours in the first place.

I just want to add front fan to my drive bezels..but need some idea to it... I wan't it to match the entire case...not looking to mod the whole case.. :)

By the way when are you planning for District 13 mod... 8)

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