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Cooler Master HAF Case Mod


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District 13?....surething! :D

I dissected the chassis for paint. The top panel with the power switch and I/O is fastened on with plastic tabs, located beneath the top panel. Very easy to remove!


The case chassis, just before removing the rear i/o slot covers, noise dampening felt strips for PSU and case feet.


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Awesome! Theyre a great case to work with

Yeah I built two systems for family members as christmas presents using the HAF922 and a P55 setup, and I was very impressed with the case, and the space and airflow possibilities!

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Do you make these as one off items or commercially?

Wouldn't mind getting something like this.

Have you done anything for the Cosmos 1000 case? If so, and its commercial, I wouldn't mind getting it as my Cosmos 1000 is no longer used due to it not having good air flow.

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Better open up the rear exhaust for improved airflow as well before the chassis gets painted.


Rear exhaust grill on the HAF 922 chassis


Low tack masking tape (Scotch brand Painter's tape)


120mm Nautilus Fan grill



Trace the inner opening of the 120mm Overkill Nautilus fan grill


Using Jigsaw with 18 TPI metal cutting blade.


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Lets turn things upside down on the HAF.


The bottom of the HAF gets modified with this 140mm billet grill.


The slotted insert is removable, which makes tracing the inside easy.





Screen material I cannibalized from another case filters out the dirt and dust.

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