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Cooler Master HAF Case Mod


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The deadline to finish "Overkill 922" is this Thursday, so it can be debuted at the Stompfest LAN Event this weekend,. April 10th - 11th. The final stages are custom paint, custom cable sleeving, sound insulation foam, Enermax cooling fans and Mitron Noise Isolator fan controller.

We thought the custom paint should incorporate some Sci-Fi elements with the "SF" logo from Stompfest with some Industrial cues, like this Yellow & Black Hazard area painted over the top panel of the HAF 922.




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We needed a character that embodied the hardcore LAN Gamer. He knows how to build a killer system. Enjoys annihilating Noobs on their inherited Emachines. He likes getting jacked up on Caffeinated Energy Drinks and junk Food. You get the idea... Thats how we landed on the implementation of this "LAN Terminator" dude with the "SF" logo craved into his skull. Hes surrounded by circuits hardwired into the system inside. People should fear the guy that walks into future events with this case.






Check out Brad's airbrushed Red and Blue Glowing LEDS, and conduit tubing à la H.R. GIGER.

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