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SR-2 STACKER - Winner of 2011 Coolermaster Comp


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Well it's all going at quite a pace now given there is only 8 days until i50.

The touch screen bezel which replaces the fan controllers is finished and painted so i now needed a way to power all the fans and got my hands on these nifty little Power Distribution PCBs from ModMyToys which are perfect.

I ran out of Primochill PrimoFlex Advanced LRT 7/16" Hose Grrr but a repeat order turned up today so was able to get both loops hosed up and filled and got to say that hose is crystal clear......love it :cheers:

Anyway, apologies for some random pictures at various stages but it's currently filled and bleeding as i write this so hopefully i should get it fired up either tonight or tomorrow and see how things go from there.








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Not exactly sure what happened but fired the system up today for the first time and left it running for about 20 mins went to restart and the PSU is showing power to the board but nothing when i click the go button.

Couldn't get it to fire up again so swapped it out with a Coolermaster 1300w SPH and all seems well apart from it not looking the part so not sure what to make of the Supernova but its due to go on show at a LAN in eight day and really wanted to run the Supernova Ultimate Power Control software on the 6" touch screen.

Anyway, its up and running now and starting to look a bit more like a computer.






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