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[CiP] Charge!


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Ola my mexican friend. Come esta ? :)

Yeahm i was preparing way ahead allready, but waited until Jan 01 to come out, in case competition rules prohibit 2010 mods. As before, I have the whole mod allready in my head, now I need to let the hands do the actual manufactering. Had enough time to gather lots of goodies and knickknacks to make this mod just as I like it to be. Some weird things also: since I chose for the Thermaltake CPU cooler, because it was THE prop to use in this mod, you could say that this mod can't use watercooling. Well, I disagree. If I want to use both, I will. Why ? Because I can ! hahahahaha Catch you later and good luck ! :D

Uhh Frenkie, WCing and air? That is so ambitious and daring! Just to see that is worth the while to follow your log to the end, hehe.

It looks like you are setting yourself up to be in the winner's circle this time.

Cheers and Saludos

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Thanx guys, youre the best !

This was where the I/O shield used to be.


Now its quite a bit up and inwards.


Mounted it back on with aluminium rivets.


Its solid again. Now where did i put that I/O shield.... :S


Well, obviously it doesnt fit very nice anymore now.


Looks like a piece of Swiss cheese.


Lets get that fixed now, shall we ?


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First one is the largest piece.


Mounted with constructionkit.


Round the corner passed the PCI slots.


This aluminium ACRyan plate has protective layers on both sides. It is also very easy cut with metal scissors.


Matt black when removed.


Getting back to the front, these three pieces have cured enough.


On several sides there will come bevelled edges towards the front.

First measure it all and cut to size.



Cut to fit for all three pieces.


Made all sides nicely bevelled.


This is how they are attached


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