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Welcome to Cooler Master 2011 Case Mod Competition!

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He hi all.. is there anything i didnt done or completed? because im still waiting for an approvation for the case mooding competiton Thank a lot in advance already

Hi all. This year is my first year entering this contest. I've been watching this contest from a far, for the past 2 years and all I have to say

is WOW.. The professionals that have entered in the past are just amazing builders & modders. It's my honor to be among so

many great modders. Anyway, I will be posting my work-log with in a weeks time.. I'm in the process of getting all my materiel together for my

mod. 'Hats' off to all the professionals. Good Luck to everyone!!!

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You really don't need a CNC machine to make something nice ;) Most modders don't have access to one, although the competition here might have more resources than the average modder. You just have to try different things and gain experience with the materials, then everything will turn out fine.

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