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Welcome to Cooler Master 2011 Case Mod Competition!

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He hi all.. is there anything i didnt done or completed? because im still waiting for an approvation for the case mooding competiton Thank a lot in advance already

I've send the message for my mod but i can't find it in the scretch build category for the voting..

hey there is a tab that says tower mod and scratch mod, click the scratch build thats were you will find them

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I liked the votting style this year! in 2007, and 2009 are some confuse :P Congrats for all!!

PS: I had some problems with Captcha in Google Chrome, somebody else had this problem?

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the voting seem pretty mess up lol as usual, least it it only counts 30% which is a good thing . hopefully all the entrys have been check for start date . Some of the mods where started before the contest start date of july 2010.

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Nice to see all these mods coming along together! :cheers:

I'm not able to be on the forum much to post comments, so I usually quickly look at the pictures ^^, and I've seen some very nice things!

Everybody can be proud of his/her creation, heck, you make me feel like having 2 left hands... :blackeye:

My votes are in, well, we'll know soon enough who the big winners!

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Before anyone gets all wound up, I state that I mod as a hobby, am a fan of CM products (quite evident), competed in the past 2009 event (won a modest prize), am from Mexico (WTH,where?) and know a bunch of guys here. English is also my second language which I handle so-so, so please bear with me. Translators are still wonky IMO otherwise I would post even more. Sorry guys!

Agree, the projects shown this time are AMAZING! The votes shown now, as I understand it and am not the first to comment, are just the "popular" side of the voting which account for 30% of the total score/mod, so this time it's OK to pile them in. It depends who has extensive social networks, supporters back home willing to register in order to vote here and of course, well earned reputations. This puts smaller and newer modding communities at a disadvantage (mine) but it is the privilege of CM to include this part as it's always good marketing savvy to make this event as inclusive and encompassing to as many people as possible. Oh, a by-thought, being a crack marketing savant does not prepare you , unless you do so already, for navigating and commenting in internet forums----they are just another animal in behavior from "real life", hehe. No biggie for those used to it, but if not, a veritable minefield.

What I do notice is that those in charge of the contest have taken a step back in participation which I suppose is a different tack as opposed to past contests, handling things by PM rather than explaining in the thread. I guess it is fine so that there NOT be the messes of past comps. With judges now, and them determining 70% of the score, a lot of the "fuse" of past experiences has been removed. I figure that the rest of the 30% will be a proportionate percentage (can be converted to points easily) depending on the votes received, simple business math.

What I also note is that very few participants comment on threads other than their own this time. And where is the sense of humor and camaraderie that should pervade in modding? We are a "fringe"(sorry guys, its is the nice way to say what we are), believe it or not, after all and a rather reduced number (relatively) which should make us more united and open. One liners, even if favorable, are soooo dry and cold.

With so many newbs in the contest, it should be a hint for making future space for "New Modders" where they can get the correct appreciation of their work and NOT be compared to the "Masters" which is not very flattering and could even turn future modders off. At their level, they should have a shot of winning amongst themselves and have a shot at the spotlights and limelight. It would open the contest with even more participants than the "Pros" and be fertile ground for more CM enthusiasts which is good. Lesser prizes are expected than the Pros although some might spend more than the Pros who are more modding savvy, have sponsorships and make a living of it. Having an "Intermediate" category would be great for those more experienced but not yet Pros (uhh, me?). Food for thought and consideration.

A FIXED date for the competition would be great because we would have a date to include in our agenda's. Good competitive mods need anywhere from 200 to 600 man-hours (direct work) and 3 months is just not doable for the majority of the more experienced modders. Bills have to be paid as most do and know. I was looking forward for the event to happen the 2nd half of the year as in the past and since it happened now, the only thing I could do was comment, not as entertaining as competing AND commenting. I saw at least 2 great mods go unfinished and it was due to being "caught off guard" by the contest date and several modders I know just couldn't get it together in time like me.

Finally, it helps to have continuity of those responsible and involved in the contests of the CM staff, even if a few. It helps remind where previous mistakes were made and help focus on other directions/solutions in the problem solving process. The contest is a great marketing tool, I have no doubt.

Well, my two cents as always, a bit for everyone to think over.

Cheers and Saludos

P.D.) OF COURSE, congratz to all those that managed to finish, soo sorry for those who didn't (better luck next time), muchas gracias for some bodacious builds and super worklogs (learned a lot), ask new(er) modders to hope for a proper category, and a big Hi! to all the colleagues and friends and best of luck and wishes to all.

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