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Welcome to Cooler Master 2011 Case Mod Competition!


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Bravo for the winners of this year's contest! Congrats to the CM team, not a single feather ruffled this time and all seems quite cool...as all memorable and distinguished contests should be. GREAT!

More than competitors or "show-offs" we sort of forget that we are a community with one thing that distinguishes from the rest---modding. We are more in a sort of brotherhood in which contests keep our juices flowing and keeps us on the cutting edge, something that is necessary to keep the hobby moving ahead than what a lot think otherwise, might be a cut-throat competition. And yes, some of us are proud to represent our individual countries because who might think that a country like Columbia (my forum mate Tortured_Soul) would have a modding community. Granted, it is still in diapers but when a modder from a Latin American country (not Brasil, we know what level they are on) stands out if only with a third prize, it is a real accomplishment and more so that this was done on a world-wide level, cooool. I'd like to say hello and take my hat off to another forum mate, Masbuskado, who though is in the USA, he is firmly tied to modders south of the border (southern hemisphere of the Americas).

Some great mods were overlooked or under-rated but I would think a lot has to do with their worklogs. If the worklog is NOT IN ENGLISH, detailed and is not an easy read, although the final product might be smashing, a bad log drags it down. It may be unconscious but it is a factor so non-english speakers take heed, please. It is only logical!

As my buddy Asgneto says, although we might not have participated, we slogged our way through a bunch of reading (not just looking at pics) and for whatever the reason we could not share in the fun, WE WILL BE BACK (I hope).

Kudos to Cooler Master for continuing with an iconic contest, one of most distinguished in the world, and hope you sell a bunch so we can get together again for more fun 'n games. I also hope someone pays a little attention to the suggestions which were not entirely mine but a result of a lot of emails, chats and comments in forums, to make this an even better event. The panel of judges and popular vote combo seems to have worked out fine as was suggested the past contest.

Hope to see everyone again the next time around for more bodacious mods and bragging rights, hehe!

Cheers and Saludos

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Whatever the outcome, I want to thank coolermaster for the excellent level in this competition and thank you for the opportunity to have participated, I am very happy for that.

The media exposure and that this event has brought has been fantastic, think of how many people in the world no longer know us now guys?! I made new friends, contacts .. Yeah, I spent some anger, but it was a championship ... I knew I could go through situations like that when I signed up.

I'm not giving up, maybe the next?! ... who knows?! I will participate again! While the next contest is announced, we'll see on the web!

A hug for friends, congratulations to the winners, participants, to coolermaster and for all!

See you soon :D

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Dave and Asgneto (sorry, I forgot) are right about seeing scores. The last time we saw the results live in real time because of the different voting system but in the end we saw what our mods were worth in votes. This was invaluable to me as a new entrant to the past contest and a relative n00b to competitive modding (my 1st on-line contest).

For Asgneto, who won his category the last time, he cares for other reasons: how his forum mates did, how his friends around the world did and from this, advise them what to do. A lot if a low score, and not so much if the score were higher. He is just like that, a mentor and what a true modding master should be.

Could this be done? The comp. was a success by any standards.

A few words from the proud sponsors of this contest would be appreciated and great too! Maybe a few credits and recognition to the judges who's effort merit a taking-off-of-the-hat, is something that they would appreciate I feel. There were a BUNCH of logs to slog through after all.

For your consideration as always.

Cheers and Saludos

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