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Hey, I just saw sunny(xtremist) drop by! I guess he just had to cheer on one of the CMSCMC members, hehe. For those that are not in the know it means the "Cooler Master Senior Citizens Modding Club" and we that means we can still kick some skinny butts around pretty bad, haha. Proud to be a member too and hail to our club President! Grey is beautiful!

Show'em how it is done Jeffrey!

Cheers and Saludos

P.D. Got my old nick back, just couldn't chunk away over 500 posts due to "technicalities" :wink:

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A decorative wood grille to hide a steam-heating radiator. This photo is from the Irving House built in 1909.



Cut the major vertical pieces and laid them out in this "jig".


14 x 1/4" square spacers are setup to provide spacing to the array. These spacers are raised slightly higher than the glued pieces so they wouldn't come in contact with the adhesive.


The result is very fragile but also very consistently spaced. The structure will gain strength as it is being built up and eventually these two small cross pieces will be cut away.


Continuing the work of building up the structure.




Close up of the raw finished piece



The grille is made from 128 pieces of wood built in two layers.

Thanks for looking.

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