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Jeffrey Stephenson

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Dear Jeffrey,

I REALLY sound serious but hey, congrats and kudos on a very worthy 3rd as this year the contest was really fast and furious (the modding, not the movie)! Thank goodness someone upstairs heard our pleas (your hollers, hehe) and things are much calmer this time. I just hope that CM decides to do this contest on a FIXED DATE, even if every 2 years, so we can better plan our projects (I know you ran a bit & completely got me off base) and open up categories for enthusiasts but of lesser levels. I know I wouldn't want to go up against you so that could tear me a new one, hehe. I am still running to catch up but damn, you keep going ahead full steam, and yeah, it MUST be the age. :wink: You youngster never tire, sighhhh.

I think someone ratted out Maciel cuz he started his project around 6 mo. earlier but to me, it was his best to date and if the rules were "flexibilized" to take into account late registrants and non-finished mods, I believe it would have been credible to give him a break. In this case, it is the contest's loss not to have him compete because he has gotten world-wide acclaim for Kratos, even though he can hardly speak English (and thus could not appeal his case).

Bro' sunny? I cannot pin him to any commitment even for the next one. You know, he just kids me around. Maybe as his beloved "American Idol" (btw, can you sing?) you can get him to put his money where-you-know-what-is. I gave up, I just can't.

Finally, "social networks". If you and I want to pile in more "popular" votes we have to jump on the Facebook and Twitter bandwagons and start early to whip up our followers into a frenzy by voting time. NO FARMING (offer $10 usd for each vote? Then what is the point?) allowed by our rigid standards (and Frenkie's), just popular support (huhh? Def don't understand myself sometimes).

Well, time to let it all sink in for you and just wanted to say some parting words and thoughts and bounce them off you. Let me (us) know because you know you are one of the "three wise men" (well to me).

Your Older Lil' Bro',

Cheers and Saludos

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Mr. PaPang, Brother Modder.

It was a good contest. I shouldn't have won and I suspect many agree. I compete in these contests because it is how I contribute to the modding community. Regardless of what people think about my work I believe I bring something different to the contest. Make it interesting, draw attention, blah, blah. I hate the popular vote but it is a truth that it brings in web traffic and if that is how CM judges the success of a contest then so be it. I expected to lose because I made no real effort to attract votes and frankly, Usonian is not my best work. I entered it because I wanted to participate with fellow modders and comrades and the thought of watching from the sidelines would kill me. I suspect you know what I mean after having to sit this one out.

I'm looking forward to coming back in the Fall with something much smaller, scratch-built and most important, not attached to a contest deadline. I'll get Sunny onboard for next year and together all us old farts will show up full strength to show these kids how it's really done. :D


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