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Devil May Cry - 2011 Case Mod Competition FINAL PICS Page 4!

Maurycio Gyovanni

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That's it friends, almost to the end of the presentation of my project :D

Well, first I want to say I'm glad I managed to realize a dream, many friends were pessimistic and everyone spoke it was impossible to make a painting so much like the original painting, they told me to use adhesives, however, as everyone can see : stubbornness paid off.

As you can all see, the big picture is the original drawing, below left is the first version of the pc and then right in the final version (as it is currently)


I did not want to "destroy "the design of the cabinet, because I always found it perfect, so... my casemod is basically painting and lighting, nothing extreme.

The next step will now be the final assembly and presentation, my money is over unfortunately :( , ... I can not do something as big as my competitors in this competition, but I hope to please anyway and maybe tweak some prize :blackeye: .

I hope you all have enjoyed my project so far, comment, participate! Comments make me happy, if in doubt I'll be ready to answer them. :wink:

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Very nice! Congratulation!

I think you will get the 1st place! :)

Oh well, I thank you even for the comment, but the level of the contestants is very strong this year in addition to having reduced the categories in this competition, who knows ... May 16, polls will be open, Vote for me! :D

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Returning to part of the lighting, I wanted to make life easier in time to turn the lights off and then thought about it:

I modeled an old piece of acrylic on the stove - and I had made ​​some appointments.


No, this is not paint...


Casemod fingers?? hahaha very cold blooded to register

http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/9060/d ... odcm45.jpg

Almost done (the fan mate controls the intensity of white light to not overshadow the rest):


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