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Dead Rising 2 Mod by(modscases.com) (finished)


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hello every one i am so happy to enter this year i am big fan of cooler master wish luck to all i am going to mod on a Elite 330 Black ATX Mid-Tower Case i have it for a 3 years and i am going with dead rising 2 mod

the idea



pic of the case i paint it before a black and gold now going crazy :mrgreen:


will up date step by step thanks :)

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Hola Modscases!

It will interesting to see what you do with this great case. Are you going to theme it with what I have seen before or are you going to do something different?

Will be waiting for your updates and hope you find your camera cuz the images with the cell are fuzzy.

Cheers and Saludos

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hey papangcun

thanks you and i am going to theme it and add some effect i didn't see if some one did it before i was plan to do this to another case

but will mod it in this great case.i find my camera finely update my pic by Monday

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hello every one today i have update my old pic by phone finely i find my camera i am going to use this zombie hand in this case mod


next step going to paint all the case with white and than blue on the top and from the down with red thanks for watch :)

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i am back i don't have free time so i try the best i can

i have print the logo and i will emptied




i was going to emptied the side of the case but no time :(:)

wait for more will paint the case all white and thann blue in the top red down thanks for looking

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