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TRON CM Final Pics


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Impressive execution of a brilliant idea !

cant wait to see more !

Thanks ASPHIAX! Good luck in the contest. Here's more! :)

Got more work done on the fairings over the weekend. Looking at the various reference pics I found online, I was able to determine the basic shape of the front fairings.


And since I had the bike parts mocked up, I could place the fairings onto the bike and see how they fit. I had purposely made them wider than they needed to be, so I could cut them down to the exact size.


Cutting the fairings. The foam plug was once again utilized to hold the pieces in place.


Pulling the excess away


Transferring to the other side, mirroring the shape.


Both cut and back on the bike.



After a few adjustments to the cuts so they matched up perfectly, I began the smoothing process. I started by knocking the rough, bumpy surface down with the belt sander.


Once I got it down flat, it was time to add body filler. For a glob of bondo this size, I needed about 3" of hardener.


Gave each piece a good coat of filler, and went a little thicker in the areas where the fairings were a little thin to even it up.


Skipping ahead past the sanding, application of a second skin coat of filler and more sanding, I still needed to fill some minor pin holes and low spots with glazing putty.


After letting that dry and sanding it smooth, the fairings were brought in once more for a fit on the bike.



A close up of the surface. I still need to round the corners a bit more on the left side, to match the right. Other than that, it's pretty much ready for some primer.


I think I'll get the mounting pieces on the bottom of the fairings first before I start priming though. I might be able to tackle that tonight.

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Started working on the rear fairlings. I measured and cut them just as I did the front ones, except it's just a straight cut on these, no patterns.

Cleaned up the cuts and set them on the bike for a test fit.


I didn't really fancy sanding and filling tonight, so I'll tackle that probably this weekend. What I really wanted to do was make the tail part that will cover the tip of the edge where the light wall comes out of the bike. This cover will be molded into the rear fairing, and as such, both halves will then become one part.

To make this piece, I will be bending a small piece of 1/8" acrylic into a U shape. So the first thing I had to do was make a metal pocket for the acrylic to fold into. I found a 3/4" dia. pipe and bent some sheet metal around it, then flared the ends so it sat in the vice like so.


Then I cut my piece of acrylic down to size and found another smaller 1/2" pipe to push it into the pocket when heated up.


I first heated up the pipe with a torch, then heated the acrylic with my heat gun until I could push it down into the pocket with the pipe. I immediately stuck some wood scraps in there to keep the sides straight while it cooled.


After a few minutes here is the result... a perfect U shape!


Here is where it will go on the bike. I will round the top of that center rib, and paint the sides and top edge black, leaving the trailing edge for the glowy light to show through. Should look pretty slick!


This concludes the Mid-week Modding "Bodcast". Thanks for tuning in!

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Time for another Midweek Bodcast!

Nearing the end of the fairing fabrication. As I mentioned before, I was able to add much more strength to the pieces via a mounting edge on the under side. I was going to use acrylic, but was worried the adhesive wouldn't stick to the formed plastic. I knew that plasti-paste does stick to itself quite nicely, so I decided to make the mounting rails simply by throwing more paste at it!

So first thing was to tape the fairings onto the ribs, making sure they were placed correctly.


Also checking for symmetry.


Then I cut some cardboard pieces and taped them to the inside, to enclose the area where the plasti-paste will go.


Added the goop...


A couple hours later, I could pull the fairings off with ease, thanks to the plastic coating on the acrylic. I had also taped the acrylic edges with electrical tape, so the plasti-paste wouldn't stick there either.


Removed the cardboard with a utility knife, and smoothed out the edges.


A closeup of the edge shows that the plasti-paste actually filled in the gaps between the fairing and the rib, resulting in a much better fit (once cleaned up and smoothed of course).


A shot from the underside. The rail and fairing are now one!


As the plasti-paste was setting up, I took the liberty of adding depressions where the mounting screws will go.


Got one piece mounted, using 8-32 socket head screws.


A closeup of one of the mounting points.


And that about wraps up this edition of the Midweek Bodcast. Next on the weekend installment, I should have the rest of the fairings mounted, and the two rear fairings fused together along with the U-shaped piece I made earlier. Thanks for watching!

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Bodcast: Weekend Edition! :D

Trying to finish up the fairings this weekend, and I think I got pretty far today. I started with getting the U shaped piece integrated into the rear fairings.

Now that the fairings are securely bolted in place, I can mark where the U shape will go and notch out the fairings.


Cut away some material so the U shape fits in there. Here I've marked where the fairings meet up so I can cut away the extra thats hanging down below. I taped a 1/8" drill bit to the top of the center rib to get the correct spacing between it and the U shape.


Since the mark was above the fairings, I cut about 1/4" below that to allow for the thickness of the fairings.


After cutting, I roughed up the U shape and glued it in place, positioning it with some cardboard spacers.


Once that was glued, I had to turn the entire thing upside down so I could apply more plasti-paste to the underside of the fairings to join them together and strengthen areas like the U shape. I notched a piece of scrap wood to help keep everything aligned correctly.


I taped the seams at the top to give the paste some backing while it sets up.


Here's the seam from the underside.


A shot after applying more goop.


And the same underside shot of the seam with the goop.


I joined the fairings together at the bottom as well (The bike is still upside down).


Once everything set up, I could remove it from the bike as one piece.




The piece is really starting to take on some weight now, and it's pretty solid.


Looking back, I probably could have molded the rear fairing as one piece, and just cut the center slot and add the U shape, which would have made it more uniform. But I didn't really know the exact width when I started, and it was easier to add the mounting rails this way. I think it came out pretty well. I probably have one more bondo/sanding session before I can throw some primer at it. Hopefully I can take care of that today.

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Well I actually did get some primer on the fairings on Sunday, but I ran out. :(

So I picked some more up yesterday, but then didn't get home til after dark. :roll:

Hopefully I can get home today in time to do some painting while it's still light outside. In the mean time, here's a few more pics of the parts that will go into TRON:

Crucial SSD's and triple channel Smart Tracer memory kit, and EK waterblocks for the motherboard, CPU, and vid cards.


i7 965 processor.




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Well, I had hoped to have more to show this weekend, but my modding plans were thwarted by other things. :( I do, however, have pics of the fairings primed. They look ok-ish, but still need some minor touch-ups before I can lay down the gloss black paint. Once the piece is one solid color, the imperfections really stand out. And black paint is the most unforgiving of colors so I have to work the fairings a bit more.

Fairings39_sm.jpg Fairings40_sm.jpg


I also got started on prepping the tubes for paint. The ends will be lit via led strips mounted around their centers. So all surfaces will be covered with the exceptions of the ends. First task was scuffing them up inside and out. Got one tube done...


And both scuffed, with the ends taped off.


Painting the inside with white primer. A makeshift sling was created to suspend the tube.


For the outside, more thought was put in to the masking, since some of the ribs will eventually be permanently glued to the tubes. I first had to mark the areas to be masked, so I devised a way to mark the tube by rolling it around while keeping it square to a 90 degree surface (Charles Richter would be proud lol).


Once marked, I could take 1/4" strips of tape and mask those areas.


That's all I got so far. I don't have the led strips yet, so I can't finish the masking. I'm waiting for one more package from Moddersmart that will have the led's, fans, fittings, sleeving, and custom rad (wait til you see this thing!). Thanks for reading!

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Due to the weather, I haven't been able to continue painting the tubes (damn rain!) So in the mean time, I thought I'd show you what I have planned for the SSD's. They will be mounted on the opposite side of the motherboard tray, disguised as the lightcycle engine.

I'll be making a loose interpretation of the real engine, which looks like this:


A view of the engine through the window:


I don't have much space between the motherboard tray and the window, so the mounting will be relatively flat, but with a hint of depth. I marked out the window placement, and arranged the drives in that area.


Here are the pieces designed and cut.


And glued together with mounting holes drilled.


Here are the pieces for the tailshaft portion of the engine. I cut a piece of 4" tube for the curved part.


Clamped and glued.




Both pieces together.


Both pieces in place on the tray with drives mounted.


Now I can make some paper templates for the three pieces that will connect the two. That will be tonight's task.

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Ok, I got the connector piece done last night. :)

First I started making paper templates to get the complex shapes in between the two pieces, but doing individual pieces didn't work out too well. I just couldn't get the angles right.


So I tried making one solid piece. This seemed to work better.


Having transferred the shape to the acrylic sheet, I started cutting it out.


Then I added the bends.


After some trimming and rebending, I think I got it to the shape I wanted.


It fits pretty well in between the two pieces.


Some mockup shots of all three engine pieces in place, with drives mounted and the covers on.




As you can pretty well guess, this will all be lit up in the typical TRON fashion. Next I'll be adding some detail pieces and doing some masking to the covers to get them ready for paint.

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Moe work done on the SSD Engine...

Cut some detail pieces out of scrap acrylic.


Filed & sanded.


Gluing them onto the base pieces.


Almost done...


Here I made the masking templates for the drive covers using Adobe Illustrator. I downloaded the TRON font for the text.


I taped off the covers, cut out the templates and used spray adhesive to stick them onto the tape.


Then came the arduous task of cutting the masked areas and text.


The drive covers are now ready for paint. I mocked them up again so you can see how the paint graphics line up with the detail pieces on the other parts.


The finished engine will actually be a reverse of what you see here, with the engine being a metallic dark gray and the masked areas glowing blue.


And work continues... :)

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