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Scratch Build : L3p D3sk - Small update :P 15-7

Peter Brands

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Well, I'll be, it is the first time in recent history that a desk takes honors, congratz! And yeah, I thought the video had no sound, that is until you tossed the coin on the top.

If you take it to a lan, do upload pics! It will dispel the idea that it weighs a lot, is unmovable and that you need a crane to put in a double-axled truck, hehe. Kidding aside, it would be something to see how you mount it at the lan (a couple of sturdy saw-horses?) and of course, all the others ogling and the general buzz. Of course a small sign that says "Winner at the CM Mod Comp. 2011".

Cheers and Saludos

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Some guys from Spain thought it was a good idea to make 1 post on 3 huge Spanish sites with all my 800 pictures in it :) (150 GB a day)

If anyone wants to see the all the 800+ buildlog photos or the photoshoot, i also uploaded them here until my host goes up again.

Tweakers.net buildlog Buildlog Photo Album

Facebook Buildlog Photo Album


Tweakers.net Photoshoot pictures

Facebook Photoshoot pictures

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is there any chance you can post a better picture of the unfolded cutout template thingamajig? I want to show my roommate who welds and see what he tells me about making my own lol :D

If i make one ill be sure to have a "L3p rippoff" decal on it for honor sake.

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Hey buddy, i'm a brazilian guy, I really liked ur mod ...

Will u send me the detail's of how i can build something like ur mod?

Like the guy above sad,

"If i make one ill be sure to have a "L3p rippoff" decal on it for honor sake."

I'm showing my buddies and every friend really like de work u did ...

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