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Scratch Mod: WAF++


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Hi All

I wanted to do a serious case mod for a while, of course with a few goals.

  • [*:nd5j7vb6]First and most important it had to be silent
    [*:nd5j7vb6]Integrate my first water cooling system
    [*:nd5j7vb6]Have the ability to put the case on my left and still see the hardware
    [*:nd5j7vb6]Maintain a relative easy way to access the components

As a name for this mod I chose WAF++. This stands for Wife Acceptance Factor++. The reason why I chose this might be best explained with the following picture


At this moment I am in a "sketch" faze and although I want to end up with a rather conventional look for the case I have decided to build it from scratch. This to avoid having to make compromises on component placement and air flow.

As base material I will use wood as I find this the easiest material to process.

I hope to get back to you with the a few sketches in a couple of days.

Now just adding a picture to "comply" with the rules. I am going to use the CoolerMaster 850 Silent Pro supply in this mod


As finish to my first post I wish all competitors the best of luck and fun modding

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"the "only" thing I have to do now is build a case around it" Woehahaha this sound just like me, when I made Sting. This is the best way to total rad designs, only the hardware limits your physical boundaries. Beyond those boundaries, it total freedom ! Almost 180 degrees of what Maciel makes: A total rad sculpture, then makes a hole and puts a PC inside.(which is also very nice, no offense intended) Anyway, I wish you all the best and good luck !

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Just found some time to work a bit on the design of my mod.

Below you can find a render. This still isn't final as I still have to add my power button, usb port and audio jacks. I also would like to incorporate doors so that the inside is easy accessible.

I am still doubting if I am going to paint it black or varnish the wood. Perhaps some input from you guys would be nice.


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  • 5 weeks later...

Well it took me a while but I 'm back.

My honest opinion about that design: disappointing. You have total freedom, yet you want to make a square straight enclosure. Think out of the box ! :drunken:

Sorry to disappoint you but I still need to discover my abilities on case modding. Next to that I want this case to be a functional thing that will have its place at my desk for several years.

No to start the work log. This is the wood I am going to be using for this case


I started on the sides of the case, In this pic you can see that I am cutting the hole for the door panel with a jigsaw.


After sanding it down you get this


I figured out that it was going to take me to much sanding if I kept working like this so this is the new approach


More updates will follow shortly

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