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Yes, most defintely Victor/Victoria like I imagined at the start. One side Victor-the classical Cosmos view and the other side, Victoria, nothing to do with a Cosmos except for tell-tale parts that survived the operation (top tube handles for ex). I don't know what it is with Dutch modders that you just have to ravage a perfectly good CM case and turn it inside out and on its head, hehe. I'd imagine that CM engineers and designers are going to think they don't know what they are doing and will eventually turn into basket cases.

Kidding aside (Frenkie knows), you have a nice, easy going, very readable worklog, kudos for that! I will have to polish mine to your standard; mine are sort of "conversational" and can get a little too "wordy" although I try to keep them "light" humor-wise. My photos are so-so compared to yours, nothing that Bill would compliment because it is hard to hold a piece in one hand and take a pic of it with the other, stopping the process momentarily to illustrate something important, with a cheap Polaroid point and shoot. When the sun goes down, so goes the quality. I am not too sure I would borrow a camera, it would end up covered in fiberglass resin, paint and other materials I use, sigh....

Anyways, congrats on an exquisite miXture of cooling, a lot of unconventional compartments and a hot new reservoir.

Cheers and Saludos

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Thanks for the detailed post PaPang. I don't think it's just us Dutch casemodders, every contender in the Tower category is trying to a CM case better/nicer/weirder ;) I find the Cosmos an absolute delight to work with, especially in its stock condition. The side panels are a work of art mechanically, and the rest also works nicely.

I never knew what people actually think about my writing, I'm glad you like it. I still use my 8-10 year old 3MP camera, it still has way too many pixels for posting on the net. You're right about the light though, you will need a lot of it when the sun has gone down or is going down.



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