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Hey welcome and good luck seems to be alot of us having similar base material. Was not expecting that in the beginning. Hey if you wanted to use metal you dont need a cnc a steady hand with a dremel works wonders. Many tutorials on proper use of dremel too even ones geared towards computer mods.

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FInally got the materials list together:

1. Birchwood pieces, 22"x22" qty:2

2. Cooler Master blue led case fans, 3x 80mm and 2x 120mm

3. 1inch diameter pvc pipe qty:however much i need

4. "Targeted" billet case fan grills from mnpctech.com, 2x120mm 3x80mm

5.birchwood pieces, 8"x 22" qty:2

6. time

7. patience

Also needed some help on what thickness the birchwood should be. Please help!

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