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just wanted to say thanks to everyone who followed the forum and that this was an amazing experience. as a first time modder, i can say that its tough. people put lots of effort into their cases, and there are so many good ones out there. take your time considering who to vote for, but please. keep my case and my effort in mind.


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Do you belong to a modding forum? A lot of your questions and doubts could be answered there with a whole lot more detail and feedback than what you could get here which is THE CM Case Mod Competition/Contest. Once the contest is over, we all go back to our "home" forums to plan for the next competition. Between comps there is not much movement here, much less if you are trying to learn. For example, my forum is in my sig but I don't think you would get much out of it unless you know Spanish. We too embrace new modders and try to guide them to modding excellence at the speed and at the expense they are willing to shell out. Not all forums promote entering contests like us, but they do exist all over the world.

Since the great majority of us are hobbyist (do it for funsies) we don't use a lot of fancy tools (nice shop BTW), much less have easy access to or own cncs or laser cutters (expensive). We do use Sketchup but not for using on computer controlled equipment but rather to work out concepts, ideas and designs, sort of a fancier way instead of using paper and pencil. It depends how serious you want to get into modding. You could go through $$$ pretty fast if you try to set a shop like mnpctech, for example, quite different than what you have now. Or you could have someone do the mod of your dreams if you want quick results.

Your first designs are pretty good but as was mentioned, if you are going scratch, I would say that it is sort of run of the mill and futile going the factory case road. As a matter of fact I would not do anything squarish but that is just me. I too seek knowledge cuz you can never know too much so I join the forums that will cater to my interests and needs. Once I feel I have a great project, I build it making my worklog as meticulous as possible and if it is up to snuff, I enter it into a contest. Well, that is what more experienced modders that I really respect, tell me and I feel they are right on the money.

Cheers and Saludos

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