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Guillermo Navarro

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Fabulous work on the grills and the bondo (catalyzed automotive putty) job is top-notch, not visible at all! We all know that the 3 month period is pretty short for any really competitive mods, specially if work gets in the way, but you have to take into account these "little bumps in the road". One rarely has an uneventful period of full and total modding bliss, I know! You were atleast fortunate not to have a hurricane come your way to distract you like it happened to me once.

How many man-hours do you estimate you spent on the project, not counting planning and contemplations?

Kudos for getting to the finish line which is all important in any contest, but in my opinion, you might have knocked some sock off with your pyramid. That truly is a great mod, maybe updated to a version 2.0 like Neo did with his. Anyway you know, just my opinion. This mod is pretty slick and congratz again for the effort.

Cheers and Saludos

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well this project annum as cao because thanks to cooler master their efacciones are the alcanse of all, the 2 front cost me only $ 10 dolaes and 4 fan only about $ 45 dolaes that were you to bid on my distibudor pc Dijital pasta and painting exceeded $ 32 dolaes and extras for a total of 135 dollars more or less

beforehand was very hard and stressful for the short time and others that I came along the way but finished thank god and my friends mean very supportive of modding without you could not do anything a million thanks


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