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[Modding] LEGION -by ne(V)esis- | 2011 Case Mod Competition


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¡Greetings community!

Here we are following the year, with the right foot!

This is my second contest in which I'm enrolled this year, so I'm very excited! The truth is that it's a real challenge for me, due as do 2 moddings within a specified period but also to be simultaneous, it is very difficult but not impossible!

LEGION is a mod that arose spontaneously! Well I had not thought to participate in the Cooler Master contest this year, but seeing all the competitors who promised to register and participate in the competition, because I was very attractive (Bill Owen, and Masbuskado Maciel Barreto, to name a few .. .)! So I decided to register and participate ...!

So, like any project of mod, you need a brief introduction of how or where did the idea to start with our project ...



Speaking of big words in a worldwide competition!

First I introduce myself, I am a Mexican modder with some years of experience and some first places in competitions in the last 3 years.

I'm an industrial and mechanical designer, as well as a blacksmith who specializes in stainless steel and aluminum. I have 23 years old and currently studying mechanical electrical engineering. One of my hobbies is to design all kinds of things (whether at work or my personal projects) and in competitions like this!

Finally, in the leisure, I love PC games and especially the 1st person shooter. And among one of them (Prey), is where my idea comes! While many of my previous projects (with the exception of those who will do this year), have emerged from my mind, it came out of the game.

As many know, Prey is a game in a very futuristic and alien environment, which caught my attention! And among one of its many missions, I found the idea of my mod for this contest. When I saw him, I thought I should make something truly out of this world, because the opponents are very strong this year. And I think the idea is excellent!




This mod, as the picture shows, this is a very sophisticated design and curvy! Which, makes it very difficult to make!

Personally, I much prefer the design and manufacture aluminum for my projects (like the past I've done), but because I do not have aluminum welding machine, is why I inlcinado by stainless steel. Since I have a shop specializing in such material ...!

Approximate dimensions (or I wish they were) would be of some 30 x 60 x 80 cm (width, depth, height), making it large enough! One of the innovations that integrate them into the modding, is a hybrid cooling (Water Cooling + Gas) which is a project for quite some time wanted to integrate into any of my future mods ...

As you should never miss in a cabinet, either from scratch or purchased, are the fans. In this cabinet, I will include a 200mm LED fan and maybe, depending on the design, some other inmates.

The designs are in the process, so include them in another post. But the program I prefer to design my projects, SolidWorks. Whose design, versatility and ease of use make it the best for me.

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Naturally, show the components to use in my project, it is essential!

So this is an introduction to the hardware I will use in my project, which I will be updated as you gain and using more.

  • [*:1czzhtju]CPU - Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.66Ghz
    [*:1czzhtju]MoBo - Gigabyte GAP55 UD6
    [*:1czzhtju]GPU's - SLI | 8800GT
    [*:1czzhtju]RAM - 6GB x Corsair XMS3
    [*:1czzhtju]PSU - Corsair VX550W
    [*:1czzhtju]FAN - CM MegaFlow 200mm Blue LED Fan

  • [*:1czzhtju]PICTURES

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Hola Ne(v)esis!

Good to see that you settled on a design for your project. It looks like something to do with fiberglass using foam to form the shape, something like what I do. Maciel used the technique on Kratos and has a very detailed worklog one how it was done but knowing you, you might try to do something crazy with metal, hehe.

I really like your choice of theme and I have to admit is a great departure from what you customarily do, congratz and kudos!

I hope you can juggle the two projects although this is the one that ends first, so you have to focus on this one first. Let us know what you decide to use and of course think it over well. There are a lot of great projects here this time, so the competition is going to be fierce to say the least but I would'nt expect less from a CM contest.

Mod on mate (forum-mate that is)!

Cheers and Saludos

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Thank you all guys! I really apreciate its words of encouragement! I will try to do my best with this proyect, since now I had not tried before to make a mod from stainless steel & either copper! So, this will be a real challenge for me!

Greetings and saludos to all! ;)


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