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[Modding] LEGION -by ne(V)esis- | 2011 Case Mod Competition


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Just be patient my friend! Remember that the design it's very complicated due to extreme curvature of some (or maybe all) parts of the case!

Also take in consideration that all the parts will be made in stainless steel, so I will be design them with extreme detail due all the parts will be cut in laser and bended, some welds and I hope to make an master piece!

The design preview it's almost done! Till then...! :mrgreen:

Cheers and saludos!

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It's been a while from my last post. But like almost all of here, I've been very busy with my job and stuff.

So, by the moment, it's the first design using SolidWorks. And it is worth mentioning that it's the hardest thing that I have designed before. As it has very much curves and holes, so it's very difficult to proyect the main idea into a 3D design. Plus that I will make some parts in laser cutting.

Well, here's the current progress of my proyect. So, the next time I post, I hope to be the first laser cut pieces.

Untill then...!


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Here are another diagram of the current status of my design.

I can mentioned, that the case are more refined and detailed, almost ready! It's just a time cuestion when I decide to finish the details and start with the laser cut...

It's the most slowly and difficult project than I have done before, including the design itself. I hope once the pieces are cut with the laser machine, the folding and all the assembly, being more faster.

But, there's another problem now; due I'm currently are investing in my own business (website), I don't have cash for now. I will need a miracle to continue! And just when starting to come out of the difficulty of the design itself...! I hope that can finish my mod into the limit time or earlier!




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Greetings comunity,

I ask an apology to all those who followed and watched my worklog.

But due to force majeure, as well as the work, is very difficult for me to say this, but I can not finish my project.

I started my project so excited, but I will be impossible to finish it.

Good luck to all competitors around the world!

I hope you can understand and accept me back again next year.



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