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Here is some of the materials i'll be using for my mod entry.



and some nice lookin Carbon Fiber


and here is most of the hardware i'll be adding some CM fans when i know how many i need. also using a CM 500watt PSU to qualify


wish me luck this is my first carbon fiber build. :shock:

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Thanks. I am gonna attempt to create a one piece 4 sided shell that a Pc frame will slide into. I'll be vacuum bagging the CF. :)

:o Vacuum, then you must have quite advanced tools. Looking forward to the rest. :)

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this build will be a different approach to layout of parts and such. if you are referring to size well specs are- 18x18x11.25 that will allow modders to put high cooling inside and not be ginormous! like my U2UFO below






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I'll be loading a couple pics for my reverse mold later once it's delivered. :) also I know a lot of people have stated that money is an issue well for me also because I am doing three mods right know and am tapped out but money isn't always the savior! It's like the old saying " it's not what you know, its WHO you know!" so if you are in this comp do like I did do trade work it helps. FFT

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