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~~ Diablo Azul~~


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Lookin good junkie! clean work 8) ....

I spy a Beetle.... I restored and custmotized 66 Beetle and 74 Sun bug, and 68 Ghia when I was in HS. I've also been to Gene Berg's shop in Orange Ca. The Godfather of Performance Vws

Thanks! LOL to the bug. It's a 62' rag that's my next project. I have all the parts motor, tranny are rebuilt so it'll be a good runner. Then got paint it after I finish welding and sanding.... Ya can't wait...lol I never heard of Gene berg. I have been out of the VW loop for a while. Everyone in my family has a old VW. We always go to Bugarama. :)

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Heres a quick update...I am pleased with the way it has turned out so far.... :)








this weekend i'll install all the hardware. then cut some holes in carbon fiber and if i have time i am hoping to try a new sleeving method on psu... :)

thanks for viewing

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