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I relate to carbon fiber, being an avid user of fiberglass. What CF does is give the "rugged" and texturized look that is not possible with common fiberglass matting. Kudos for a very illustrative use of CF in a mod! I just have a doubt. Do you think that CF will work on curved surfaces?

I stopped using flat surfaces in mods a while ago just to separate myself a bit from the bunch and have found that fiberglass is the most flexible material to make one-run/time mods. It would be great if I could use CF too.

Besides my petty needs, I find your mod to be very hot and powerful looking. It reminds me of a case offered at Mountain Mods with a bunch of fans and WCing. What sets it apart is the gutsy use of CF and your special touches which definitely sets it apart. Congrats on you mod and your generous sharing of info which is something I am trying to enhance and promote in my country where techniques are like State secrets, hehe. I guess that's why modding is at such a low level but we are slowly chipping away at bad habits :wink:

Thnx in advance!

Cheers and Saludos

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Thank you for all the compliments!!:)

As for bending corners with CF... Hmm. I am gonna say no but if you are really patient and take your time you could cut and mold the corners. Anything is possible. I have 500+hours into this mod if that gives you an idea. Most was on the CF. Thanks again.

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Thanks Bill. I'll be adding some photos soon if it's permitted. Just an upgrade from Gigabyte. Z68. :)

They want to demo this and AssassinX at Infernal LAN. :)

Any recommendations on proper inside packaging for shipping. I've heard of a blown in stuffing of sorts??

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