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Scratch Build Project : Sors Salutis by AnG3L (FINISHED)

Alex Ftoulis

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Well you never cease to amaze me, specially with the final finish which is quite different from your previous. It is also is a departure from square cases (or scratch square cases, I know you reminded me, hehe) into a new realm. I know some folks prefer square cases, but lets leave those to the manufacturers, IMO. They will never be able to mass produce something like the Sors (the shape, I mean) which assures its uniqueness and that is what modding is all about--something unique.

It would be something to see you tackle a sphere (ball shape). I tried it and it was a challenge but it was chosen as "most unique" which I think accomplished its goal. :D

So hip-hip for you and as always, I wish you the best of luck and fortune to the only modder from Cyprus (that I know and is good at it) :wink:

Cheers and Saludos

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@ slipperyskip Yeah I know that buddy! ;)

@ Slackin Thanks bro!

@ Tortured_soul Hey buddy nice to hear from you my friend!!! Your words are

very kind!! :)

@ Oh thank you buddy!! Well the dvd isnt working yet as I need a slim sata power cable and I have to order it!

I believe they are quite nice as many modders use them! :)

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Amazing build, I really envy your patience in this build, and your craftmanship. Like i said before; this competition has been crammed with soooo many great builders that the ppl are getting too much super cases to watch and judge in one go. Your build is a masterpiece. καλή Ï„Ïχη φίλε μου Alex ! :D

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