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Scratch Build Project : Sors Salutis by AnG3L (FINISHED)

Alex Ftoulis

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One of the most artistic project I have ever seem no doubt about it!

Brother Alex you amaze me everytime, I can't take my eyes from the final pics...!

Luv it... Luv it and ReLuv it!!! :D

Viva la Revolution!!!

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Well, this is a head scratcher....????

Great effort and in many eyes one of the best projects presented. Must be the taste of the judges (who are they?) and of course a lot of social networking is key to "popular vote" situations. If this is going to be a trend, time to start working your Facebook and Twitter accounts before a contest, but jeez, they do take time, time which is dedicated to bringing bread to the table, paying the rent, etc. and planning and doing a respectable project. Maybe from 1-3 A.M., you don't sleep much anyway (remember the "sniping" in the last contest we were in?), hehe.

Sometimes it may be our own appreciation of how things should be when the convention of the contest is at another point of view. Being "edgy" has its risk. Sometimes it is well seen in some circles but not so in others. I tell my forum mates (the ones who listen) that tastes vary from forum to forum, and contest to contest. If you want to win, you have to bend your personal rules a bit to make your mod more "palatable" to that particular audience. Using the same mod for another contest? Redo it in a version 2.0 to accommodate that audiences tastes. Mas did it and it worked. He picks up things real fast, not only in mods. And he is willing to listen (most of the time, hehe).

I believe that a good project should enter as many contests as possible to exploit it for what it is worth. I like to mod but just can't crank out more than 2 good mods a year as compared to others (you know who). I just sit and watch and applaud on the side-lines like now....and learn. We never know enough to stop learning and I don't mean just techniques and materials and so on.

Topics for more discussion later on as I hope to bump into you down the road. For now: Bravo Alex!

Cheers and Saludos

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Well say it Papang, for me and to my particular taste this is one of the most Original and Unique projects have been ever made [period] why it didn't get any further or why I get third place as well... is really simple... we are not spammers... I rather wait for the competition is over to post my project in all the major forums than posted during the competition to get some votes, Bio-Warfare was the first project to have a Social Worklog (reaching 100+ Fans] did I mention to vote for this project on the Official Page NO, why? sometimes people like me and Alex like the curse of life and things to run they way they supposed to be... IF the rules stated that the winners will be judged base on the following criterias: Complexity of Mod, Design, Overall Look and Innovativeness I bet you that this was the only thing that we read from the rules, nothing else, because we don't MOD for fame, glory, money or prizes, modding for US is an Art Expression, is not a hobby like many so called modders like to call it... modding is our passion and our way of life... did Alex stop..? nou, he just start another amazing project just a few weeks ago, did I stop? nou... am going to Colombia for the First time to a Live Modding Show @ Campus Party Colombia (will be live on NMC) we are not ONE HIT WONDERS... we are Modders that luv what we do, respect and humbleness is the key to sucess!

My Picks are in log in case somebody miss it! :)

Mod ON!

VIVA la Revolution!!!

HOTF for 4 Life and 4ever! UN1TY

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