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CyberGolem (Scratch Build) – 2011 Case Mod Competition


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Hi everyone.

I am an entry-level modder from Ukraine.

This is my first modding project, which is made for himself.

Here you don’t see any laser cutting, plex windows, UV illumination, water cooling, aerography or even painting.

Just only handwork, in part looks like a getto-modding.

Mod is on final stage, some parts are absent, but completely operational.

According to rules of the contest, photo of Cooler Master product is posted below:


This is the power supply unit RS-460-PCAP-A3.

Here is the hardware list (just in case):

CASE: no-name slim ATX desktop

PSU: Cooler Master RS-460-PCAP-A3


CPU: AMD Phenom 2 X4 955 box, 3,25GHz

CPU cooler: box

MEM: Hynix DDR3 2x2G 1333MHz CL9 (HMT125U6BFR8C)

GPU: PowerColor HD6850 1GB GDDR5 (AX6850 1GBD5-DH)

HDD: SATA 1Tb Samsung SpinPoint F3 32Mb (HD103SJ)

DVD: DVD-RW SATA Sony Nec Optiarc AD-7201S Silver.

FAN CONTROL: AeroCool Gate Watch 2 silver

FANS: 2x60mm TITAN TFD-6025M12B

1x80mm blue LED no-name (case kit)

2x120mm TITAN TFD-12025L12Z

1x120mm TITAN Aluminum Frame Fan TFD-A12025L12Z

1xblower fan TITAN TTC-005

MONITOR: Acer X20Wsd

KEYBOARD: Chicony KUP-0573 USB silver

MOUSE: ActiveJet AMY-099 wireless optical mouse

ACOUSTICS: Edifier MP300 (2.1 set)


Mod was inspired by various Sci-Fi movies; build under heavy influence of industrial style music.

The main idea - to arrange workplace with computer, stylized as cybernetic construction.

In this project included not only the system unit, but peripherals – monitor, keyboard, acoustics, UPS.

Actually case was subjected to modification - the power supply unit and bays with drives were removed from the chassis and placed on a single construction, which is stylized as the remains of a broken combat robot.

Added some decorative elements and lighting of structure.

Construction is assembled from parts of furniture fittings, sanitary ware, wiring accessories, etc. - in the end turned the creation of Frankenstein's cyber era.

So, let me introduce - CyberGolem.

Here is some spoilers.

3D model image are not photorealistic – for general arrangement only:


General view:


Upper part:


Middle part – case&head:


Middle part – head&console:


Case, in person:


Lower part – keyboard&arms&monitor:


Bottom view – rare species:


Well, it’s enough for beginning.

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Well, let’s start worklog.

So, I have to establish my workplace into the niche with dimension 800x2100x500mm (WxHxD):


I bought small form case at first and demount it:



Case dimensions only 140x410x380mm (WxHxD), but it’s still too large for my purpose. I have to reduce its size.

At this stage I had no idea about the general concept, so I start to improvise with components:



3’5†bay, furniture hinge, fan with cover – that is the first look at the future monster’s image.

Then I shortened the case, dismantle 3’5†and 5’25†bays.

It is assumed that the case will be deployed expansion slots to the user, as in industrial PCs:


Two 60mm fans are installed outside the chassis and 2-slot turbine mount on the HDD’s place. As a antivibration pad rubber sealing rings are used (from the 50mm drain pipe system).

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It’s time to clarify the situation with general design.

First concept:


When I bought gaming keyboard and fan control panel, concept was reengineered:


Now the quantity and destination of limbs are defined:

no1 – for main keyboard,

no2 – for mouse pad (on the right),

no3 – for gaming keyboard (on the left),

no4 – for monitor holding,

no5 – for 3’5†HDD bay fixing,

no6 – for 5’25†DVD bay fixing.

It's time to proceed to materialization of my plans, but main limiting factor at first.

I have no dremel, angle grinder, jigsaw or even regular work place.

This is my workbench, for example:


That’s why I have to use various bought-in components, not relevant to the computers.

As a blank for manipulators LCD wall mounts were chosen:


Furniture gas shock absorbers were used for actuators imitation:


Keyboard’s arm assembled at first:


Do you believe in Terminator?


Body assembly:


Fixed on the wall:


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As you can see here is no the table to place keyboard.

That's right - the keyboard fixed on the four pneumatic cylinders:


Actuators made from furniture shock-absorbers and plumbing clamps:


Cable is tightened in the metal hose:


Looks like …. it should be:


For credibility an air distributor added:


Made from antenna splitters, pneumatic pipes and mineral wool fixers (orange colored).

Gaming keyboard:


And general view:


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Let’s take a look at the middle part of monster.

Element that connects the upper and lower parts of the structure, I decided to make the likeness of the robot Droideka from "Star Wars":


It’s a flexible structure, reminiscent of the animal’s spine, or its mechanical analogue - a flexible cable conduit:


These are used in industrial robots:


Element of rigidity is a composite tube 1 inch, wearing in a metal hose, curved at the place:


Chain made from metal profiles for fastening rails gypsum board system, plugs for securing insulation panels, rivets, water pipe clips:


And general view:


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Cable trays to bays 3’5†and 5’25†stylized like a machine-gun cartridge belt:


Cartridge belt made from perforated mounting strip and plinth iron clamps:


3’5†bay with cartridge belt:


5’25†bay added to construction:


And all of it:


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It was decided to fix case on the rails, like in the server cases in 19†cabinets. Furniture rails mount on the outer side of structure:


Then I used a pair of steel furniture angle supports (for shelves), four electrical isolators 25mm (red colored) and the aluminum support of the furniture leg:



Let’s check the mechanism for rolling out the case:


It works!

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This is beautiful. Its not often you see a computer mod permanently installed as a functional part of a building or a room. Keep it up and I am looking forward to see the elegant but mechanical symmetry.

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