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CyberGolem (Scratch Build) – 2011 Case Mod Competition


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Well, if there were a prize for "complexity" you would have it in the proverbial bag, like they say. I thought that another friend's mod had a lot of pieces but until I saw yours....You must have more functional parts than a dozen mods here put together!

You remind me of another forum mate, milo, who is into robots but his are combat-bots. He joined the forum to make his bots more "aestethic" which I have a hard time figuring out why because in the first clash, good-bye to the finish, hehe. Since he needs a cover to protect the innards (hydraulics, pcbs, electricals, etc.) I guess he has a point that it look should at least look hot, if just for a few seconds before everything gets messed up and pieces start flying all over the place.

If "Terminator" pulled it off quiet well, yours does too for those that like windows in their mods :wink: Those who are tech inclined and thus love seeing parts move and function (it would be lovely if it served a hot latte too), kudos to the finest example I (and a lot) have seen to date and in a computer mod, no less.

I have said that robotics is the new frontier in mods for the future just to make them more interesting and challenging, especially to the new generation. For us that thought that Klaatu was advanced (The Day the Earth Stood Still, do you remember? Maybe not cuz I speak of the original), you might suspect we are at a disadvantage. I just want to say that my intent is to learn, even if it takes me a while andif I don't die first, hehe. Being "old school", I just can't imagine my mod's cybernetic ding-dong just be hanging in the air (sorry if I sound "up-tight", it was the way I was raised). Yeah, when I saw Michelangelo's David, I wanted to put a hanky to cover you-know-know-what part! Naw, kidding haha. What I do mean is that I have this fixation of using atleast a minimal "fig leaf" to cover some "private" parts of my mods. I hope to show my version one day, just don't hold your breath because your face will probably turn purple before I do.

Golem is exemplary and unique, have no doubt about it, atleast in my book. Congratz for thinking up and making something to inspire to rest of the pack.

Cheers and Saludos

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