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Kawasaki Ninja: 2011 Case Mod Midtower Entry - FINISHED

Going Postal

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After building and setting up computers for my local Kawasaki shop i was inspired to create a case similar to the the popular Ninja. This is my very first Case Mod and I hope I can create the design I am thinking of. Enjoy!

Bringing the case home


The Elite 331 before breakdown


Basic Breakdown


After sanding and prep work


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New Update:

I would like to thank my employer for donating these used printing plates. I will be using these to form the base of the fairing. The metal is very light and bendable, its very easy to cut(you can use scissors). Once its attached to the case it is actually quite strong.


Ive cut out the parts that will form the upper part of the fairing.


1 view of the upper fairing riveted to the case


2nd view of the upper fairing riveted to the case


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New updates to the mod. Sides are almost done, my arms are feeling rubbery from all the sanding ive been doing but its starting to look the way that i pictured it. These are just the rough draft, after the second side is fully done I will go over it again with a finer grit(Yay more sanding!) and smooth out all the rough bits.





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